62+ Blonde Dog Names For Your Pup

Are you welcoming home a new pup and looking for some name ideas? If you’re getting dog breed with hair that’s blonde (or tan, or yellow, or golden, whatever you want to call it!) why not choose a name that means blonde?

While we don’t spend much time thinking about the literal meaning of names, you’d be surprised how many names mean things like “light”, “fair-haired”, “white” or “blonde”. This means you’ve got a ton of great options for blonde dog name ideas.

Keep reading to see what they are, and what each one means. We’ve also included the origins of these dog names.

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Blond or Blonde?

Is it “blond” or “blonde”, with an e? Well, it depends who you ask. It means the same thing (having light-colored hair) but the word is originally French, where “blond” is the masculine form, and “blonde” (with an e) is the feminine form.

But that meaning got a bit lost in English, where American language rules prefer to use “blond” to describe everyone, whereas British style guides prefer “blonde”.

Blonde Dog Names for Female Dogs

Maybe thanks to the music icon Blondie, “blonde” has a bit of a feminine association, with or without the “e” on the end. So it’s no surprise that the majority of the names on this list are for blonde female dogs. Here are 38 naming ideas for blonde girl dogs:

  1. Alani is a Hawaiian name that means “orange”. Similar variations include Alana and Alanis.
  2. Angel doesn’t directly mean “blonde” or “light-haired” but was included because of the association between angels and light.
  3. Ariel might remind people of Ariel the (red-headed) mermaid, but this name means “lion of God”, suitable for a tan-colored dog.
  4. Aubrey is a name that means “elf” and “blonde” and was originally a boy’s name before becoming predominately a girl’s name.
  5. Aurelia is a Latin name that means “the golden one”. Perfect for a sweet, blonde pup.
  6. Aurora means “gold” or “goddess of the dawn” (like Aurora Borealis).
  7. Bela is a popular dog name that means “white” in Czech.
  8. Blanca is a French name that means “white”.
  9. Blondie… nothing to explain here. Who wouldn’t want a dog named after Debbie Harry?
  10. Bianca is a name that is Italian for “white”, and also means purity and kindness.
  11. Candace is a name of Greek origin that means “glowing”, great for a dog with beautiful blonde hair.
  12. Champagne is a bit of a literal take, but a great option for a blonde dog name.
  13. Crystal because crystals can be white, or yellow, or any other gleaming color.
  14. Dory probably reminds you of Finding Nemo, but the name means “gilded” or “gift of god”.
  15. Fairfax sounds like a horse in Lord of the Rings. This old English name literally means “blonde”.
  16. Fay refers to fairies and other enchanted woodland creatures. Perhaps it’s Tinkerbell’s glow that gives it the blonde association.
  17. Genevieve is a medieval name meaning “white wave”. This could be shortened to Ginny.
  18. Heaven: a dog name after the gleaming gates of Heaven.
  19. Honey is a sweet name for a honey-colored pup.
  20. Ingrid is a name of Norse origin meaning “beloved” or “fair”.
  21. Ivory is another literal name on this list that works for a very light-haired dog.
  22. Kayla is a Hebrew name meaning “fair” or “crown”.
  23. Leona is the female form of Leo, which comes from lions.
  24. Lily refers to the white flower, and also means “purity”.
  25. Liora is another Hebrew name on this list that means ‘light”.
  26. Lucie comes from a Latin word meaning “light”, much like Lucifer.
  27. Luna since the moon is kind of yellow-ish, right? It’s also a great, popular name.
  28. Marshmallow is a cute dog name for fluffy white pups.
  29. Pearl since pearls have a yellow-y white hue.
  30. Pixie is another name for fairy, and a great name for a vivacious pup.
  31. Rowena translates to “white headed” or “white spear”, and is Welsh in origin.
  32. Sandy for dogs that have hair that’s the color of, well, sand.
  33. Snow, Snow White, or Snowball are suitable names for dogs with very light colored fur.
  34. Sugar is another sweet name for a sweet, light-haired pup.
  35. Summer is a time full of sunshine and light, and is a lovely name for a blonde dog.
  36. Tinkerbell since your dog might also seem to glow when you give them love and attention.
  37. Whitney is a name that means “white island”.
  38. Winnie like Winnie the Pooh (who was blonde, or at least yellow). The name also means “fair”.

Blond Names for Male Dogs

While most of the names we have for blonde dogs are names for girl dogs, there are options for boy dogs too. Here are a more than a dozen boy dog name ideas:

  1. Albus makes us think of Albus Dumbledore, but the name actually means “white” in Latin (Albinus if you want to be extra-fancy).
  2. Bain is a Scottish surname meaning “white” or “fair”, dating back as far as 1324.
  3. Bowie is a Scottish and Irish surname which is derived from a Gaelic word meaning “yellow” or “fair-haired”.
  4. Boyd is yet another Scottish name on this list meaning “yellow” or “blonde”.
  5. Boyne means “white cow” and is Irish in origin.
  6. Casper is on the list because of its associated with the (white-colored) friendly ghost. The name itself actually means “treasurer”.
  7. Dwight is a great dog name for anyone who likes The Office. But the name itself also means “white” or “blond” and is Dutch in origin.
  8. Finn is an Irish name meaning “fair”.
  9. Gavin comes from the medieval word Gawain, meaning “white hawk”.
  10. Leo is a great name for a blond dog because of the association with (tan-haired) lions.
  11. Linus is a name of Greek origin that means “flax colored”.
  12. Lucifer is a bit of a shocking name to include on this list, but it actually means “bringer of light”.
  13. Tan, as a reference to the dog’s color, but the name itself means “new” in Vietnamese. Or you could go with Tanner.
  14. Whitford which means “white ford” and is English in origin.

Blond(e) Names That Work For Both Boy and Girl Dogs

Of course, not all names need to be gendered. Here are 10 dog blonde dog names that are suitable for both male and female dogs:

  1. Alba is a unisex Latin name that means “white”, and means “dawn” in other Romance languages.
  2. Alva is another unisex dog name that means “elf” and is common in Sweden and Norway.
  3. Amarillo is name that is Spanish for “yellow”.
  4. Blake is a bit of a sneaky one for this list. The name itself can mean either “fair-headed” or the opposite, “dark”. While it may be considered a boy’s name, it has become a girl’s name as well. For example, Blake Lively.
  5. Cloud… of course, clouds are white, not blonde. But if you have a very fair-haired (or fluffy) pup, this might be a good fit.
  6. Dusty is a great name that works for blond dogs of either gender.
  7. Goldie is arguably more of a feminine name, associated with Goldie Hawn, but could work for blond boy dogs too.
  8. Finley is an Irish name meaning “fair-haired courageous one”. It was originally a masculine name but has since become more popular, making it a good name for boy or girl dogs with light hair.
  9. Robin is a name that means “bright fame”.
  10. Sunny, as in “Sunny and Cher,” could be a boy dog name, but works equally well for female pups.


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