PuppyLists is a blog run and written by Kat, a long-time dog owner who has spent the last 2+ decades of her life raising, training, caring for and volunteering with dogs. 

Kat has grown up with dogs since before she could walk, with her childhood companion being a sweet-hearted English Springer Spaniel (with the slightest bit of a naughty streak). She also dog-sat for neighbors and friends, including dogs with severe thunderstorm and separation anxiety.

She started volunteering with local no-kill shelters as a teenager, where she walked, fed, bathed, and trained dogs. She also helped with socialization activities, used clicker training to establish basic commands, built agility courses for the more energetic dogs, and contributed tech help to their early 00’s websites. She was also active with a greyhound foster network as a teenager, helping collect and sew winter gear for newly homed dogs.

After college, she was overjoyed to have a living situation that once again allowed her to own a dog. While she knows and loves many dogs, her favorite is her 15-year old Lab mix rescue, who is at her side whether she’s writing at her desk, or outside for a hike.

This wide variety of experiences is reflected in the PuppyLists blog, including big and small breeds, purebred and rescues, anxious and relaxed dogs, puppies and seniors. The goal of PuppyLists is to provide a resource for dog owners in all walks of life, particularly those beginning the adventure of owning and training their first dog.