The Best Canopy Dog Beds for Style and Comfort

If you’re a dog owner, you want the best for your dog. Chances are you might even spoil your pup, although we’d never judge. Dog beds are an important part of welcoming your pup home, so it’s no surprise that dog owners have high standards in where their pet snoozes during the night (or day).

When it comes to canopy beds for dogs, there are a few major categories. There are canopy beds meant for keeping your pup cool outside in the summer sun. There are burrow-like beds meant for giving your dog a snuggly, warm place to sleep at night. And, there are decadent, four-poster beds that let your precious pet sleep like they’re Louis XVI.

Whatever style of canopy bed you’re looking for, this post has something for you.

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Cooling Canopy Dog Beds

This type of bed is exactly what it sounds like. Cooling canopy dog beds are meant to keep your pup cool when it’s warm out. There are two main features at play:

First, the canopy, of course! The overhead canopy helps shield your dog from the sun. Just like humans, dogs can get sunburned on their nose and skin. They also can’t cool off as easily as humans, so it’s important to give them a reprieve from the summer sun.

Second, the bed is typically elevated. This allows for airflow under the bed, which helps keep your pup cool. Sometimes the bed will have mesh to allow for increased airflow from underneath the bed platform.

Together, these features allow your dog to stay comfortable in high temperatures. However, it’s still important to keep an eye on your pup for signs of overheating. If a cooling dog bed isn’t enough, you can also use a cooling dog vest.

Best Choice Products Elevated Cooling Dog Bed

This option, available from Amazon, is a good compromise between staying cool and staying on budget.

Dog resting on a canopy dog bed

This canopy dog bed has a lot of upsides. It’s affordable and easy to set up. It’s also lightweight (less than 7 lbs) and can accommodate dogs up to 88 pounds. The canopy is removable and the bed platform has mesh inserts to circulate air all around your pup.

It’s not without its downsides, however. The steel tubing rusted on a few customers, and bigger dogs may cause the cot to stretch.

Additionally, the style may not match your deck decor. As with all beds on this list, the piping and elastic attachments may be an issue for dogs that like to chew.

Kirklin Brown Metal Dog House

This bed looks like it belongs at a resort!

fancy canopy dog bed

This option from Wayfair is very sleek and stylish. If you’ve got opinions on how your backyard should look, this dog bed will probably fit right in.

It’s got a removable dog mattress that sits within the black wicker base. While not immediately noticeable, the bed is lifted off the ground for some extra circulation.

This dog bed is fairly small, about 27″ deep and 33.5″ across, so it won’t fit big dogs. It’s also one of the pricier cooling canopy bed options.

The Refined Canine Outdoor Dog Chaise Bed

Another cooling canopy dog bed to make your pup look like they’re lounging at a resort.

poolside canopy dog bed

This bed comes in two colors (“espresso” and “smoke”) and is a stylish option that fits in with most patio furniture. The bed has a waterproof, machine washable cover, and the cushion itself is pretty thick (3″), making it more comfortable than the other options. The platform is slightly raised to get airflow underneath.

This bed is quite a bit pricier than the earlier options. As with the previous bed, it’s big enough enough to fit medium-sized dogs (38″ across, 28″ deep, and 35.5″ tall) but probably won’t work for bigger breeds.

DIY Cooling Canopy Dog Bed

If none of the previous options seem to suit your needs, or you’re just the crafty type, you’re in luck! We’ve got two DIY canopy bed projects for you. The first one is from Hallmark:

The second one uses PVC pipe, so it requires fewer tools.

Snuggly Canopy Dog Beds

This category of dog beds is all about staying cozy. While dogs are domesticated creatures, they still have a lot of instincts from their ancestors, including sleeping habits (such as laying next to or on their owners).

Enter “cave” beds. These beds provide a modern take on burrow-style sleeping, and are often marketed as “snuggly”. Having a burrow-style bed can be especially helpful for dogs that suffer from anxiety.

Furhaven Snuggery Cozy Pet Beds

With a name like “snuggery”, you know it has to be top-notch cozy.

snuggly canopy dog bed

This bed is meant to be used as a tent or burrow. Either option provides quite a bit of coziness and comfort.

You can get this bed at Chewy or Amazon. The bed itself is made of faux lambswool and suede. Depending on which variation you get, it’s filled with either memory foam, gel foam, or polyester fiberfill. The dog cover is easily removable and washable.

It comes in multiple sizes for small, medium, and (some) large dogs. The sizing options are 18″, 26″, 35″, and 44″ diameter.

It comes with plastic piping so you can use it as a “tent” (the piping holds up the cover) or as a burrow (it’s a secondary layer like a blanket that they can nose their way under). This is probably not good for dogs that chew a lot, as the plastic piping could cause issues.

Pet Cave Bed from Harley and Cho

This velvet bed is fancy and cozy.

Dog looking at snuggly burrow dog beds

This burrow bed has velvet-covered mattress, and a faux fur cozy interior. Like the previous bed, it’s got a cover with small opening that the dog can burrow into for a feeling of additional security.

The bed comes in multiple colors: gray, cherry, pudra (pink) and royal blue. Even though it’s made of velvet, it’s got a removable cover for easy washing.

Unfortunately the sizing is not inclusive of bigger breeds. It comes in size small (19.7″ diameter), medium (25.5″ diameter) and large (36″), making the biggest size a good fit for Beagle-sized breeds.

Jespet Cave Covered Cat & Dog Bed

This bed looks like a cozy, futuristic space pod.

Dog inside a "cave" dog bed

This bed delivers on its promise of giving your pet a cozy hideaway burrow to nap in. It’s made of faux suede fabric, and has a lot of cushioning. The base is waterproof and anti-skid so it shouldn’t move out of place. Plus, you can throw the entire bed in the washer. It comes in multiple colors: burgundy, gray, sage green, and brown.

This bed is the most affordable snuggly canopy bed on the list. However, it’s also very small (18″ x 14″ x 12″). Since it’s sized for cats as well, this should only be purchased for toy and terrier-sized dogs.

Fancy Canopy Dog Beds

Last not but least, we’ve got the fancy category. These dogs beds are all about giving your pup the luxury life and a place to snooze in style.

Most if not all fancy canopy dog beds are going to be sized for smaller dogs, typically Toy breeds.

Kolachic Princess Pink Strawberry Pet Bed

pink fancy canopy dog bed

First up is this adorably strawberry-themed pillow canopy bed. This bed comes in 3 sizes, with the largest at 25″ x 14″. The cushions are detachable for easier washing, but since the curtains, bed, and pillows are all 100% cotton, this may be more difficult to clean.

Brand Kolachic also offers other prints and colors. They don’t stop there, either: their brand offers floral prints for human bedding as well.

Luxury Pet Bed Condo

Pretty in pink!

luxury canopy dog bed

If pink isn’t your thing, you can buy this bed in gray and yellow as well. This bed is a tent with fancy tulle curtains, velour style top, and a window in the back. The bed has a removable cushion, which should help with washing.

This bed is one of the more affordable fancy canopy dog bed options but is only suitable for the smallest of dogs: the bed itself is 19.7″ x 19.7″ x 19.7″.

Lazy Paws Designer Canopy Pet Bed

A canopy dog bed that looks like a Victorian doll house (in a good way!)

Victorian canopy dog bed

This bed from DollFactoryDirect on Etsy has top-notch details making it both sturdy and luxurious. It has a steel frame, is made with designer fabrics (see their shop for more color options), and can hold dogs weighing up to 35″. The bed itself is 27″ wide, 17″ deep and 32″ high.

The cushioned sides and elaborate drapes look nice but may be harder to clean.

DIY Fancy Canopy Dog Beds

If you’ve got a small dog, but don’t have a big budget for fancy beds, there is a pretty clever workaround. If you buy a side table at a thrift store, you’re already halfway to having a fancy canopy dog bed.

All you need to do is paint it, flip it upside down, add a cushion, and buy some tulle or other fringe from a craft store to make it look fabulous:

If you want to up the ante a bit, there’s also this PVC pipe dog canopy bed DIY.

Bonus: Unique Canopy Dog Beds

If you like the idea of having a canopy above your pup’s head, but aren’t sure on the styles shown above, we’ve got some more unique options to share.

First is a way for your pup to be a real-life Grogu with this Mandalorian pram:

Star wars dog bed

Another option is this beautiful solid pine dog bed from WLOWood with canopy-esque tent roof overhead.

tent canopy dog bed

Honorable mentions are this Wes Anderson-esque felt bed, and this whimsical camp tent.

Wrap Up

There you have it! A whole campground’s worth of lovely canopy dog beds to keep your pup cool, cozy, and stylin’. We hope you enjoyed this roundup.

PuppyLists is written by Kat, who has owned, trained, volunteered with, and loved dogs for nearly three decades. When she isn't writing or researching, she's out adventuring with her 15 year old Lab mix.