The Best Customized Dog Tags In 2022

Whatever your dog’s style–and your noise and aesthetic preferences–we’ve got you covered. Dog tags are important, because they help your pup find their way back to you, should they ever get lost. Thankfully, there are lots of options for customized dog tags available online, in all styles, materials, and price points.

Keep your pup safe and sound (and stylish) with these 24 fully customizable dog tags. Plus, many of these options are from small businesses!

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Silent Dog Tags

For dog owners who need some peace and quiet…

Silent dog tags
  1. Slide-on silicon dog tag from RindFinds. Comes in 5 different silicon colors and a variety of different font choices. This tag slides onto your dog’s collar so there’s no dangling or jingling tags.
  2. Primo K9 dog tags are made of silicon (no noise!) You get to customize the name on the front and contact info on the back.
  3. Why not try a “tag bag” that goes over your dog’s tags to prevent jingling? The bag is durable, closes with velcro, and can be easily removed to read the tags. Fits 2-4 dog tags and comes in 6 different colors.
  4. Road iD dog tags (a company that got their start making IDs for runners), which are similar in style to option #1, but have more metal color options, offer same day shipping, and a lifetime guarantee.

Wood Dog Tags

For owners who prefer a rustic look…

Wooden dog tags
  1. Three Peaks Company’s wood dog tag has over a hundred glowing reviews of this dog tag. The tag is customizable (front and back) and coated in a varnish to protect against water and mud damage.
  2. If you like the look of a wooden dog tag but are worried about wear and tear, try zisure dog tags. They are made of specialized, ultra-dense woods including Mora Wood, Iron Wood, Guapinol Wood, and more. Available in 4 different shapes and with pattern or text-only engraving.
  3. For a classic bone-shaped dog tag, check out Lexie’s Silver Lining, which offers a stately and very affordable customized option in walnut or maple.
  4. Thicket and Hyde offer custom wood dog tags with a twist–in addition to engraving your pet’s name and your contact info, you can also opt for a leather accent, which would look great with a leather collar.

Minimalistic Dog Tags

For dog owners who know that less is more…

Minimalistic dog tags
  1. Red Dingo dog tags, which are available in 3 sizes, offer engraving on the back, a tag readability guarantee, all on stainless steel.
  2. Best Engravings offers a handsome black customized dog tag option, with front and back engraving on black stainless steel.
  3. Another Etsy seller, PetsMood, offers a sleek hexagon tag that lets you add a small icon that embodies your pet, like a flower, bone, or paw.
  4. Bespoke Engravings offers a minimalistic twist on dog tags: an engraved brass ring. You can add engravings on both sides, and choose from two different sizes.

Nature-Themed Dog Tags

For owners who love the outdoors almost as much as they love their pup…

Nature-themed dog tags
  1. For a classic stainless steel dog tag with 5 different color options, 16 different fonts and your choice of stars, mountains, leaves, or flowers, check out YiXiEr. Back and front customizable.
  2. Qalo offers a well-designed (but slightly pricey) nature-themed option. You can customize both sides, and choose custom colors. Plus, it’s made of silicon, so there’s no jingling.
  3. This cute clementine print dog tag is available from Fox and Clover Boutique. Front and back are customizable. Check out her shop for other cute nature prints.
  4. You probably haven’t seen many resin dog tags. Etsy seller MadeByRachX offers customized dog tags made of resin and flowers. You can add your dog’s name to the front, and your phone number to the back.

Nature-Themed Dog Tags, Round 2

(Since there were way too many good options for us to pick only 4)

Nature-themed dog tags
  1. For a sleek, nature-focused customized dog tag, check out DogHug. Their stainless steel tags offer the choice of a camping scene, bears, or the open road.
  2. This leafy option from Two Tails (via Chewy) doesn’t look like a dog tag at all. It’s keeps your dog’s name and your contact info nicely hidden on the back side of a Monstera leaf.
  3. Another resin dog tag option is from Midnight Mist Store. This one is beach-themed for all the water-loving pups out there. It has front and back engraving, and comes in two sizes.
  4. The last nature-themed customized dog tag on our list is this beautiful starry option from The Barking Tagsmith.

Unique + Customizable Dog Tags

For dog owners and dogs with a unique sense of style…

Unique and customizable dog tags
  1. We love this Bowie-esque glitter option from Rebel Dawg. There’s a 21 color and glitter options to pick from, and your choice of icons for this acrylic dog tag. They also donate a portion of the proceeds to non-profits.
  2. PetProMart offers dog tags that are actual military dog tags… but for dogs. It comes with a “silencer” fitting to prevent jingling sounds, and offers lot of space for customization.
  3. Disney (and Chewy) have the dog-and-Mandalorian-lovers market cornered with this cute dog tag. The back side is customizable with enough space for your dog’s name, plus your contact info.
  4. Lastly, for all the rescue pups out there… Trill Paws offers a ton of pop-culture, emoji, and funny dog tags that are some of the most unique offerings we’ve seen. Check them out on

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