The Best Customized Dog Art (the Perfect Gift for Dog Owners!)

For centuries, custom artwork used to be accessible only to the wealthiest of families. But now art is much more accessible, and what better way to celebrate than commissioning portraits of your pup?

Since dog owners are obsessed with their pets, customized dog art makes a memorable gift idea. Pick an art style you think they’d enjoy, get a good photo of their pup (surely their Instagram is full of pics!), and voila, you’ve got the perfect gift. This works well for birthdays and for other holidays such as Father’s Day or Mother’s Day.

Keep reading to see our favorite options in 16 different art styles and categories!

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Best Digital Customized Dog Art

Digital Customized Dog Art gifts
Pet Portrait Custom (Digital Download) by Pawtrait Design Co

PawtraitDesignCo has the perfected the art of digital pet portraits (literally!) They offer several trendy background colors and an affordable price, although you will need to print it yourself.

If you prefer a non-digital download option in this category, check out PrintOurPet.

Best Funny Cartoon Style

Funny Cartoon Style dog art
Custom Dog Portrait from Illustrations by Erica

Art doesn’t always need to be serious. If your dog’s style is more goofy than refined, then check out this next option. Illustrations by Erica offers funny portraits of your dog that reflect their, uh, unique personality.

Best Movie Cartoon Style

Movie Cartoon Style dog art
Cute Full Body Movie Cartoon by Adventures of Rubi

If you like the cartoon style but want something that trends a bit cuter or more kid-friendly, Adventures of Rubi has a great custom dog portrait option. You can request multiple pets, including different species.

Best Flower Crown Dog Art

Flower Crown Dog Art
Flower Crown Custom Canvas by Design My Dog

Make your dog look ethereal with this flower crown dog art option from Design My Dog. If flower crowns don’t quite fit your ✨ vibe ✨, then check out their many other art styles.

Best Watercolor Portrait

Watercolor Portrait dog art
Hand-painted Watercolor Portrait from Anell Happy Watercolor

Anell Happy Watercolor offers beautiful hand-painted watercolor portraits of your pup. They offer customizations, quotes, and anything else to suit your pup.

Best Funny Custom Dog Art

Funny Custom Dog Art
Super Portrait Canvas by Pop Your Pup

Pop Your Pup has a lighter take on customized dog art. If you’re a fan of the “three wolf moon” or other extremely 80s shirts, you’ll love the Super Portrait collection. Plus, each purchase helps feed shelter dogs!

Best Movie Reference Art

Movie Reference dog art
Peaky Blinders Portrait from Purr & Mutt

If you’re buying for a big-time movie buff, check out Purr & Mutt. They offer all sorts of cult favorite shows and movies, including Peaky Blinders, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Reservoir Dogs, Star Trek and more.

Best Abstract Custom Dog Art

Abstract Custom Dog Art
Pet Portrait by Art in a Sec

For a slightly more surrealist (but still very elegant) take, check out Art in a Sec. Their process allows you to try out different styles to choose the one that looks best for your dog.

Best Renaissance Dog Art

Renaissance Dog Art
The Princess by Crown & Paw

Speaking of elegant, why not try out a portrait of your dog in Edwardian ruffles in these canvases fit for a king or queen? Crown & Paw offers a variety of styles, including 60+ Renaissance custom dog portrait options.

Best Dog Family Portrait

Dog Family Portrait
Pet family portrait from HappyArtGift

Dogs are a part of your family, so why not include them in the art you hang in your home? Etsy seller HappyArtGift has you covered with these custom family pet portraits that include you, your pup, and your love for them.

Best Black and White Dog Art

Black and White Dog Art
Custom Pet Portrait from ShakChew

This custom dog art offering from Etsy seller ShakChew looks like a charcoal drawing, but is actually digitally hand-painted. They offer a variety of sizes and can accommodate up to 3 dogs in a drawing.

Best Dog Silhouette Art

Dog Silhouette Art
Custom Silhouette from JBeaverCreative

Silhouette portraits came into popularity in the Victorian era (in the early 1900s), but you can get a modern version from Etsy seller JBeaverCreative. This “snapshot in time” is a great customized dog art option for people with timeless home decor.

Best Minimalist Dog Portrait

Minimalist Dog Portrait
Pet Ears Portrait from Brielle’s Gallery

Etsy seller Brielle’s Gallery has perfected the art of a minimalist custom dog portrait with this ear portrait. You have the option of digital files or a physical print with this line tattoo-inspired gift.

Best Portrait for Multiple Dogs

Portrait for Multiple Dogs
West and Willow Custom Pet Portraits

While several options on this list offer multiple dogs in a given portrait, West & Willow feature multi-pet options front and center. They also offer custom phone cases.

Best Vintage Feel

Vintage Dog Portrait
Perkie Prints Hanging Canvas

Last but not least is this wonderfully vintage hanging canvas option from Perkie Prints. The wood hanger and textured fabric fits into the vintage aesthetic. At 12.25”W x 16.5”H, this is great for smaller spaces.

The Best Customized Dog Art – Conclusion

Which option was your favorite? Have you gotten any custom art made of your pup? If so, share in the comments below!

PuppyLists is written by Kat, who has owned, trained, volunteered with, and loved dogs for nearly three decades. When she isn't writing or researching, she's out adventuring with her 15 year old Lab mix.

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