11 of the Coolest Leather Dog Collars

No doubt your dog has a lot of personality, so why not get a collar that matches that? Leather can be tough, stately, unique, classic, retro, alternative–you name it. This post has 10 of our favorite leather dog collar options that we’re sure you’ll love.

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Two Tone Padded Dog Collar from Soft Touch

Two-tone Padded Leather Dog Collar from Soft Touch

First up is this two-tone padded leather dog collar that comes in a variety of color pairings. The details are hand-stitched and the collar is lined with sheepskin leather so that your dog is comfortable and you don’t have to worry about chafing. They also offer matching leashes for maximum style points.

Shotshell Leather Dog Collar from Orvis

Shotshell Leather Collar and Leash from Orvis

This collar (and optional matching leash) has a very distinctive look well-suited to hunting dogs, although the dark brown leather would look good on pretty much any pup. The collar features a brass shotgun hull and can be personalized with the dog’s name and your contact info. Made in the USA.

Monstera Palm Trees Leather Dog Collar from Foytik

Monstera Palm Trees Leather Dog Collar from Foytik

For a look that is outdoors-y in a different way, check out this handmade palm tree leather option from Etsy seller Foytik. You can have your dog’s collar personalized with their name, as well as get a matching leash or even a smartwatch band in the same style to coordinate with your pup.

Butter Leather Dog Collar from Molly and Stitch

Butter Leather Dog Collar from Molly and Stitch

This is another great leather dog collar option made of buttery soft leather and beautiful hardware details. It comes in many color options, is handmade in Austria, and is available in sizes up to XXL for the really big dogs.

Leather Training Dog Collar with Handle from PET ARTIST

Leather Training Dog Collar with Handle from PET ARTIST

This training dog collar gives you the option of an extra handle on your dog–literally. This leather collar has a built-in handle that you can use for training your dog, or to help restrain them if they are jumpy around people. Only available for larger dogs.

Ombre Rope and Leather Dog Collar from Found My Animal

Teal Ombre Rope and Leather Dog Collar from Found My Animal

This collar is only partially leather, but we included it because it’s so unique. This collar is available in many different color options, including teal (shown), pink, purple, gray, and rainbow. The “found” tag is an homage to all of the shelter dogs who have found their forever homes. Matching leashes are available too!

Martingale Leather Dog Collar from FrostnEmber Creations

Martingale Leather Dog Collar from FrostnEmber Creations

This style of collar is called a Martingale collar. It’s a type of collar designed for dogs that pull a lot, or that try to slip out of their collar. But, unlike typical “choke” collars, it is comfortable and meant to not choke your dog if they pull too hard. Etsy seller FrostnEmberCreations offers this leather martingale collar in a variety of color combinations, so you’re sure to find something to fit your dog’s style. You can get their name embossed on the collar as well.

Swiss Organic Leather Dog Collar from HUNTER

Swiss-style HUNTER Leather Dog Collars

This stately-looking collar is available in 4 different shades. Although it’s got “Swiss” in the name, it’s made in Germany from vegetable-tanned leather, making it soft and comfortable for your dog’s neck.

Seatbelt Leather Dog Collar from Chede

This leather dog collar option from Chede has unique hardware details that help it stand out without being too flashy. There are four colors available (medium brown, dark brown, red, and khaki) and come with a lifetime guarantee.

“Baldy” Rolled Padded Leather Dog Collar from Hund Denmark

“Baldy” Leather Collar from Hund

Some dogs experience chaffing and matting of fur from their collar. This option from Hund solves that problem with an innovative rolled leather option made from Italian leather, so it’s soft, doesn’t chafe your dog’s neck, and looks stylish all at the same time. It comes in many different natural and bright leather color options. Plus, no rivets to keep long hair from getting snagged.

Mexican Leather Dog Collar from PawsNWA

Mexican Leather Dog Collar from PawsNWA

Last but not least is this beautiful and vibrant leather dog collar from Etsy seller PawsNWA. Customers say that the colors are just as bright in person, and look beautiful on their dogs. As shown in the photo, it’s available in different sizes, colors, and different collar widths.

And that’s a wrap!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this round-up of unique leather dog collars from across the web (and the globe!) Which collar was your favorite?

Dog Wearing Leather Jacket Comic
Dog Comic from Pictures In Boxes

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