Candy Names for Dogs

With Halloween in the rear-view mirror, we’re surrounded by leftover candy and still on a bit of a sugar high. What does this have to do with dogs (especially since you should never feed your dog chocolate)?

With names like Chocolate, Cookie, Coconut, and Honey on Rover’s list of most popular dog names in 2021, we thought we’d throw our hat in the ring with some candy-inspired dog names.

If you are welcoming a new dog into your life, and are looking for a sweet name, keep reading!

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Tips for Picking a Great Dog Name

Your dog is wonderful no matter what you call them, but some names might be easier for them to understand than others. When picking a name, keep these tips in mind:

  • Names that are shorter (1-2 syllables) may be easier for your dog to understand. If you pick a longer name, make sure you can shorten it to an understandable nickname.
  • Likewise, names with hard consonant sounds will be easier for your pup.
  • Try not to pick a name that rhymes with key words that you’ll use, for example “Lait” is a great coffee-themed dog name (as in, “cafe au lait”). But, it might cause confusion for your dog because it is pronounced “lay”.

Candy Names for Dogs

In other dog name articles, we’ve split things up into girl names and boy names. With only a few exceptions, all the candy names on this list will work for male and female dogs, so without further ado, here they are!

a list of candy dog names for girl dogs and boy dogs
  1. Almond, after the Almond Joy candy bar. This is also on our list of blonde dog names, if you’re looking for a name for a light-colored dog.
  2. Biscuit sounds like more of a cookie name than a candy name, but many candy bars on this list are actually biscuits covered in chocolate. And the crossover with dog biscuits makes it a great name for a pup.
  3. Bonbon is the French word for sweets, and “bon” by itself means “good”.
  4. Bubba from Hubba Bubba, the creator of “bubble tape“. In addition to being a throwback candy name, it’s also a great name for a big happy dog.
  5. Bubbles, short for bubblegum. This would be another great dog name for a happy dog with a bubbly personality.
  6. Buttercup reminds us of The Princess Bride, but also works as a candy name thanks to “Reeses Peanut (Butter) Cups”
  7. Butterfinger: I’ll be honest, not my favorite candy bar but a good name for a blond dog or a dog that’s very clumsy.
  8. Butterscotch is another name from our blond dog names list, and a great old-timey candy.
  9. Cadbury after the chocolate company, best known for Cadbury eggs.
  10. Candy: yep, just Candy. It could be short for Candy Corn (this is a post-Halloween article, after all) or just a general ode to all things sweet.
  11. Caramel after the sweet, salty insides of candy bars.
  12. Carnival is a bit of a stretch for a candy-themed dog name, but where else can you find so much sweet food all at once?
  13. Charleston after Charleston Chews. We don’t know anyone who actually eats Charleston Chews, but that doesn’t stop it from being a great dog name.
  14. Cherry is a cute food-themed dog name that is also a popular candy flavor.
  15. Chocolate… pretty straightforward. Who doesn’t love chocolate, and who doesn’t love dogs?
  16. Clark after Clark Bars. Again, a candy bar we’ve never seen anyone actually eat, but it makes for a great dog name.
  17. Cocoa after the ingredient that makes the magic happen. You could also spell this Coco, as in Chanel, or as in Coconut.
  18. Coconut is another popular candy bar filling, which is why it’s both a great candy dog name and a food-inspired dog name.
  19. Cow, after Cow Tales (anyone remember these?). Yes, we admit this would be a silly name for a dog but the Cow Tales nostalgia was too much for us to not mention.
  20. Crunch or Crunchie, after the candy bar. This would be a great name for a brown Goldendoodle, since their wavy fur kind of looks like the top of a Crunch bar.
  21. Curly, named after the British candy bar Curly Wurly. It’d be a great name for a dog with curly hair (or a curly tail), and it’s just fun to say.
  22. Donut is a bit of a stretch as far as “candy names” go, but many candies are donut-shaped (such as Lifesavers).
  23. Dot after the candy, or after Dippin Dots. This would be a great name for a very tiny dog.
  24. Dudley, after Milk Duds. While this name has some Harry Potter vibes to it, it’s still a great name for a dog.
  25. Dulce is the Spanish word for sweet or candy.
  26. Ferrero after the Italian candy company Ferrero Rocher.
  27. Fireball after Atomic Fireball candy, for spicy dogs with a lot of energy!
  28. Fudge would be a great candy dog name based on a sweet treat with varieties in every color.
  29. Ghiradelli is a fancy candy dog name, after the San Francisco chocolate company founded by Italian chocolatier Domenico Ghirardelli.
  30. Goobers is kind of a funny word and we hesitate a little bit to suggest it… but sometimes your dog acts like a total goober (which we say with lots of love).
dog with a treat on top of its nose
  1. Godiva is a well-known chocolate brand named after Lady Godiva.
  2. Gumdrop after Dots’ Gumdrops, a kind of whimsical candy.
  3. Haribo after the Japanese maker of Haribo gummy bears.
  4. Hershey after the well-known American candy maker who probably fueled most of your Halloween candy binge.
  5. Honey, which relates both to Bit-O-Honeys, and also a common food ingredient in candy bars.
  6. Ike, after Mike & Ike candies.
  7. Jack after Cracker Jack, which is one of the oldest candies on our list, founded in 1896.
  8. Jaws, after Jawbreakers–another childhood candy memory. While we were never able to handle Jawbreaker candy well, this would be a great name for a guard dog with a sweet side.
  9. Jelly Bean, another classic candy on our list. You could also call them Jelly for short.
  10. Joy, after Almond Joy, and the feeling we get from eating our favorite chocolate (no really, it’s science!).
  11. Junior, after Junior Mints. This would be a great name for a small dog, or a dog that is the younger sibling of a multi-dog household.
  12. Kinder, as in Kinder Eggs and Kinder Happy Hippos (and pronounced the same way as the start of the word “kindergarden”). Did you know that it’s actually illegal to import Kinder Eggs into the US?
  13. Kisses, after the sweet Hershey treat. This would be a great name for a dog that loves to lick your face.
  14. Kit Kat, with the classic 90s commercial jingle. You could call your dog “Kat” for short, which would be cute.
  15. Kopiko after the Indonesian candy company that makes the famous coffee-flavored candy.
  16. Licorice would be a great name for a dog that’s either reddish colored, or black (after black licorice).
  17. Lindt is another fancy candy name on our list, after the Swiss chocolate company.
  18. Lion after Lion Bars, which is a Nestle candy bar popular in the UK.
  19. Lollipop or Lolly is a light-hearted candy name for dogs.
  20. M&M after the classic Mars candy. This also works if you’re a fan of the rapper Eminem.
  21. Macaron after the French pastry, for fancy dogs, pronounced “mack-a-rohn”.
  22. Macaroon is a similar candy treat, but pronounced slightly differently (mack-a-ROON). These sweet treats are filled with coconut.
Lollipop is a candy dog name
  1. Mars, which is the American candy company that makes M&Ms and many other popular candy brands.
  2. Marzipan is another less common candy filling, but would make a unique dog name for a unique dog.
  3. Meiji after the Japanese candy company.
  4. Milk after Milk Chocolate, or the European candy brand Milka. This would be a great name for a light-colored dog.
  5. Mousse is a type of fluffy chocolate filling inside candy, but it’d also be a funny name for a dog (especially a big one!) because of the play on the name “Moose”.
  6. Musketeer after the 3 Musketeer candy bar. If you wanted to be more subtle, you could name them after one of the actual Three Musketeers: Athos, Porthos and Aramis.
  7. Nougat is a type of candy that is made from sugar, honey, roasted nuts, and egg whites. Did you know that the name came from the Latin “panis nucatus” which means “nut bread”?
  8. Oreo is a type of cookie that has become so popular that it’s started crossing over into the world of candy. This would be great for a black and white dog.
  9. Peanut is a great candy-themed dog name for a tiny dog.
  10. Peeps after the sugary Easter candy.
  11. Peppermint is a candy ingredient and works well as a foodie dog name too.
  12. Pez is a unique candy name for a dog, after the ubitiquous Pez candy and Pez candy dispensers.
  13. Pixie after Pixy Sticks, which is really just colored sugar in a tube.
  14. Pop Rocks is a bit of a silly candy name for a dog, but would be great for pups with a lot of energy.
  15. Praline is a type of candy made by stirring almond or pecan kernels in boiling sugar water.
  16. Reeses after the well-loved Reeses Peanut Butter Cups.
  17. Rolo is a cute name for a dog, and is also the name of caramel and chocolate candy.
  18. Skittles for a dog that’s a little bit sweet, a little bit tart, and has a lot of personality.
  19. Smartie for smart dogs, after the classic Smarties candy.
  20. Snickers is not only a great candy bar, but a good name for light-hearted and happy dog.
  21. Spree is not the most popular candy on this list, but is a unique name especially for dogs that just keep zooming.
  22. Sprinkles: adding sprinkles makes everything better, so why not name your dog this?
  23. Starburst after the fruity candy.
  24. Sugar is a straightforward candy name for a sweet pup.
  25. Sweetie: likewise, if your dog is sweet enough to remind you of candy, why not call them Sweetie?
  26. Symphony is a dog name that works as a candy name (after Symphony Bars) and a music-inspired dog name.
  27. Taffy after Laffy Taffy, or saltwater taffy.
  28. Theo is a chocolate brand that happens to be one of our favorites, and it’s a great name for a pup!
  29. Tim Tam is a popular Australian candy and a fun name for a dog.
  30. Toblerone is a distinctive almond nougat candy that makes for a unique name.
  31. Toffee after the classic confection.
  32. Tootsie after Tootsie Rolls. This would be a great name for a small dog.
  33. Truffle is a good food-inspired dog name, after the chocolate candy.
  34. Turtle after the chocolate-and-nut based confection.
  35. Tutti after Tutti Fruiti, or maybe for a dog that farts a lot.
  36. Twix is a super popular American candy bar.
  37. Twizzler would be a great candy name for a dog that gets tangled up a lot.
  38. Vanilla has a bad reputation as a flavor as “boring” but actually is incredibly complex. This would be a great name for a light-colored dog.
  39. Werthers is another “grandpa” candy on this list.
  40. Whopper would be a great name for a big dog, after either Whoppers candy or the hamburger (or both!)
  41. Willy Wonka after the Roald Dahl character. Maybe “Wonka” for short?
  42. Yorkie: last but not least, there’s a candy bar named Yorkie which would be a funny name if you had a Yorkie.

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