Dog Care

What Is the Average Monthly Cost of Owning a Dog?

Let’s kick this off by saying, yes, canine companionship is priceless, and we can’t imagine our lives without our furry friends.

But, if you’re thinking of owning a dog, you probably want to know what you’re in for, in terms of monthly costs. In real, concrete terms (even if we can’t put a dollar value on their love).

Dogs are our friends, but they’re also our responsibility. We need to provide them with food, water, shelter, playtime, veterinary care, and companionship, and some of that doesn’t come cheap.

So, what is the average monthly cost of owning a dog? The short answer is “it depends”. The slightly longer answer is, between $100 and $500 a month. That’s a big range, so let’s dig into the details with the longer answer.

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