38 Tastefully Cute Food Names for Your New Dog

If you’re looking for a name for your new pup, why not choose something that everyone loves: food.

While the following list of food names for dogs might make you hungry, you’re sure to find a cute name for your new puppy.

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Dog naming tips:

What’s in a name? Your dog is a wonderful creature no matter what you call them, but some names may be easier for them to understand than others. When choosing your pet’s name, keep these tips in mind:

  • Names that are shorter (1-2 syllables) may be easier for your dog to understand
  • Likewise, names with hard consonant sounds will be easier for your pup
  • Try not to pick a name that rhymes with key words that you’ll use, for example “Beau” is a lovely name but it rhymes with “no”, which may be confusing.

38 Food Names for Dogs

  1. Basil: a name for a dog that’s perfect with everything
  2. Blondie: like blondie bars, and also the legendary singer and musician.
  3. Brie: a French type of cheese, and also Brie Larson (Captain Marvel)
  4. Brownie: a cute name for a chocolatey brown dog
  5. Chewie: food-related, but more importantly, Star Wars related
  6. Chip: chocolate chip or tortilla chips, your choice
  7. Chipotle: just don’t give them any guac, since it’s bad for dogs.
  8. Clementine: your darling clementine
  9. Coco: chocolatey, but also with a touch of Chanel
  10. Coconut: a sweet and sunny dog name
  11. Cookie: who doesn’t like cookies? (or puppies?)
  12. Dorito: we didn’t say this list was healthy dog food names
  13. Dumpling: an endearing name for an adorably small dog
  14. Ginger: zippy and tangy
  15. Gnocchi: pronounced “nyow-kee”
  16. Hazel: a classic name that’s food-adjacent (hazelnuts).
  17. Hershey: dogs can’t have chocolate, but they can have cute names
  18. Honey: for a sweet and gentle doggo
  19. Macaroni: maybe “Mac” for short
  20. Miso: a unique taste and a unique dog name
  21. Mocha: coffee lovers unite!
  22. Mochi: a new food trend for your perfect pup
  23. Mojito: more of a drink than a food, but a cute name nonetheless
  24. Muffin: a cute name for a tubby dog
  25. Noodle: some dogs are just noodly-looking
  26. Nugget: perfect for your little nugget
  27. Olive: a good name for foodie dog owners
  28. Oreo: perfect for a black-and-white dog
  29. Peaches: what’s not to love about peaches?
  30. Peanut: another great name for a small dog
  31. Pepper: a name for a speckled pup
  32. Pumpkin: a cute name for dog owners who love fall
  33. Pistachio: for a small and perfect pup
  34. Rosemary: “Rose” for short
  35. Sage: classy and unique
  36. Snickers: a cute and goofy food name for a cute and goofy pup
  37. Sugar: sweet and lovable
  38. Truffle: rare and highly valued, just like your pup
Dalmatian eating food

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