Our Top 7 Gifts for Dog Dads in 2022

Let’s face it–guys can be kind of hard to shop for sometimes. But if you’re in search for a gift for a birthday, Father’s Day, or some other special event, don’t worry. We’ve rounded up our top picks for dog dad gifts for every type of dog dad in your life. Keep reading to find something for your guy!

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For Active Dog Dads

Stunt Puppy dog leash gift for active pet owners
“Stunt Puppy” Running Leash

If you know a dog dad (and dog) who loves running, check out the “Stunt Puppy” leash. It has a loop that goes around the runner’s waist, and a bungee leash that connects to the dog’s collar or harness. That means hands-free running with your dog, plus something to absorb the shock if they suddenly starting zoomin’.

For Dog Dads Who Love Caffeine

Personalized Dog Dad Mug gift
Personalized Dog Dad Mug from Print4MeDesigns

If the dog dad in your life loves coffee, they probably aren’t short on coffee mugs. But do they have a coffee mug with their favorite pup(s) on it? If the answer is no, then check out Etsy seller Print4MeDesigns, which can put a picture of your dog’s mug on a mug. This makes for a personal yet affordable (and useful!) gift for dog dads.

Dog Dad Gifts for Engineering Types

dog blueprint gifts for engineers
Dog Blueprints from GoGrayArtwork

Etsy seller GoGrayArtwork has the perfect gift for the nerdy dog dads out there. Get a blueprint of your dog with your dog’s name and breed (20 different breeds are available). This would look great hanging in someone’s office or cubicle, giving them both engineering cred and let them show off their love for their pup.

For the Dog Dads Who Love Grilling

dogs and bbq apron gift
Rover ‘Dogs & BBQ’ Apron

If the dog dad you’re buying a gift for is into grilling, this barbecue apron from Rover lets everyone know where their priorities are (without looking too try-hard). As the summer kicks off, this is a great gift for your guy to wear as he’s grilling for family and friends (and dogs).

Techy Dog Dad Gifts

Furbo Dog Camera gift
Furbo Dog Camera

As many of us return to the office (or go on vacation!), many dog parents find themselves away from home and away from their dog. The Furbo Dog Camera helps make this transition easier for everyone, which makes it a timely and thoughtful gift for dog dads.

The Furbo Dog Camera lets you see your pup remotely (via a phone app), dispense treats, and talk to your dog while you’re away.

For the Fancy Dog Dad

dog cufflinks gift
Dog Cufflinks from DameCreationDesigns

If your guy is constantly using the lint roller to get dog hair off his clothes, getting him a set of custom dog cufflinks lets the world know he’s a dog dad while still looking sharp. Etsy seller DameCreationDesigns offers customized dog cuff links in dozens of different breeds (with or without your dog’s name).

For the Dog Dad Who Loves Football

nfl dog jerseys

If your guy lives for game day, why not get them a gift that lets Fido join in on the fun? Chewy has partnered with the NFL to offer NFL jerseys for dogs. If you’ve got a bigger pup (or one that hates wearing clothes), they also offer NFL branded collars, leashes, and chew toys.

For Dog Dads Who Love Art

Last but not least, we have a whole article about dog dad gifts in the form of customized artwork. Commissioning a custom dog portrait is an incredibly memorable and unique gift that any dog dad is sure to love. Plus, we’ve got 15 different art styles, so there’s something for everyone. Check out the post here.

dog art gift options

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