Free Printable Dog Walking Schedule

Dogs are truly man’s best friend: they’re great for cuddling, families, and they help us stay active.

Maybe regular walks with your dog are one of your New Years’ Resolutions. Perhaps you’ve got a pup with a lot of energy, and/or kids with a lot of energy who want to keep track of their new responsibilities. . Or maybe you’re a dog-walking pro looking for some helping staying organized, and keeping track of who walked which dog when.

Whatever the case may be, it can be helpful to keep track of your dog walking. We’ve created this helpful dog walking printable, available both as an image and as a PDF.

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Dog Walking Schedule PDF

free dog walking schedule

Click here for the PDF version of dog walking printable.

How to Use Our Free Dog Walking Printable Tracker

While this dog walking schedule is pretty self-explanatory, we wanted to briefly cover how to use it, since it’s intended to be flexible for your needs.

Step 1: Print up a copy

This schedule covers one week, so print up one copy per week, per pup. Again, the PDF link is here, or you can print the image above.

Step 3: Fill out the top

Add your pup’s name and how much exercise they need (or want!) per day. This will depend largely on your dog’s breed, age, physical condition, and their unique energy levels.

Puppies have more energy, as do certain breeds like Border Collies. Older dogs, dogs with naturally lower energy levels, or dogs recovering from an injury will need less exercise time, but it’s important to keep them moving for a little bit of time each day.

Having a number in mind ahead of time can motivate you to get outside, even on rainy days.

Step 3: Fill out the dates

Once again, pretty self explanatory.

Step 4: Walker names

You can fill this out as you go, or ahead of time.

Pre-assigning walkers can be helpful if you’re trying to divvy up chores, or just need to coordinate with your family’s busy schedule in advance.

Step 5: Fill out the time

This can be the exact time (“9:00”) or the length of time, it’s up to you. Likewise, AM and PM are there for you to circle.

If you are a twice-a-day walker, you can write the time in front of AM and PM for each walk.

Step 6: Go for a walk

Enjoy! ?

Step 7: Add in notes

The notes section can cover anything you want:

  • If your dog went #2
  • How well-behaved they were following commands (heel, waiting at intersections) or with other dogs
  • Recovery: maybe they’re on the mend after an injury or surgery and you want to take note of how their gate looks.

Altogether, that looks like this:

dog walking printable

We hope this free printable has been useful! Happy walking!

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