27 Greek and Roman Mythology Dog Names and Their Meanings

Looking for a name for your new dog? Why not pick a name that’s an ode to the Greek and Roman gods? Keep reading for 27 unique dog names that are tied to Greek and Roman mythology.

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Dog naming tips:

What’s in a name? Your dog is a wonderful creature no matter what you call them, but some names may be easier for them to understand than others. When choosing your pet’s name, keep these tips in mind:

  • Names that are shorter (1-2 syllables) may be easier for your dog to understand
  • Likewise, names with hard consonant sounds will be easier for your pup
  • Try not to pick a name that rhymes with key words that you’ll use, for example “Beau” is a lovely name but it rhymes with “no”, which may be confusing.

Greek and Roman Mythological Names for Girl Dogs

Athena is a Greek goddess of wisdom, but also of war. She is the patroness of Athens, and is often described as majestic, graceful and beautiful but stern and formidable. Athena is a fantastic choice for a highly intelligent and formidable dog breed.

Artemis is the Greek goddess of the hunt, of the moon, and of chastity. She is often depicted with animals, such as a deer or hunting dogs; Artemis would make a great name for a hunting dog.

Daphne is a Greek nymph (or minor goddess), associated with fountains, springs, and other bodies of water, which would make a great name for any water-loving dog breed.

Diana is the Roman version of Athena; smart, powerful, and full of grace.

Flora is a minor Roman goddess associated with–you guessed it–flowers, and springtime.

Hera is the queen of the Greek gods, wife to Zeus and mother to several gods and goddesses. She is the goddess of motherhood, which could make Hera a good name for a matriarchal pup.

Iris is the Greek goddess and personification of the rainbow, perfect for a colorfully-natured dog.

dog wearing a feather boa

Juno is the Roman version of Hera, and is the queen of heaven

Luna is the Roman goddess of the moon (somewhat like Artemis but specific to the moon only).

Lyssa is the Greek personification of rage, fury, and… rabies. Maybe not what most dog owners would hope for, but a pretty name nonetheless. Plus, most people won’t get this rather obscure Greek mythological reference.

Muse refers to a group of Greek mythological figures known as the Muses, who inspired art, poetry, and music. But it’s also a great name for an inspiring and unique dog.

Pax is the Roman personification of peace and may be well-suited to friendly, agreeable, or just downright peaceful pups.

Phoebe is a Titaness whose name means “shining”. She’s known for her brilliant mind, which makes Phoebe a great name for an especially intelligent canine.

Victoria is the Roman goddess of victory, confident and triumphant. It’s also a lovely “vintage” name.

dog running across a beach

Greek and Roman Mythological Names for Boy Dogs

Ajax was the name of two Greek heroes during the Trojan war (confusing much?). Ajax is a great name for a brave and formidable pup.

Apollo is the Greek god of music, arts, knowledge, healing, and a bunch of other things. He’s handsome and athletic, which makes his name suitable for energetic dogs.

Argos is Odysseus’ dog in the Greek classic The Odyssey. He is known for his faithfulness to Odysseus, and would make a great name for a loyal pet.

Ares is the Greek god of courage and war. While he is brooding and capricious in Greek mythology, it makes for a dramatic dog name.

Arktos is a minor Greek mythological figure, who was a centaur. The name itself is short with easy-to-hear consonant sounds, and would make a unique name for a dog.

Atlas is one of the oldest Greek gods, and is in fact a Titan who carries the literal weight of the world on his shoulders. Atlas would make a good name for a large and reliable dog.

Icarus is a character from Greek mythology. His father was an inventor, who created sets of wings for himself and his son to escape from their imprisonment. Icarus flew too close to the son, and the wax holding the feathers on the wings melted. As such, the name is associated with a bit too much boldness, and we know a few dogs like that.

Hercules is a well-known Greek name from the Disney movie, but Hercules is a demigod who struggled through great adversity and became a protector of others, which makes his name perfect for pups.

Hermes is the winged messenger of the Greek gods, and would make a fantastic name for a speedy dog.

Jupiter is the Roman king of the gods, and is symbolized by the eagle and the oak tree. Jupiter is a fitting name for a large and powerful canine.

Mars is the Roman god of war (the Greek equivalent is Ares).

Mercury is the Roman equivalent of Hermes, a speedy messenger.

dog running through water

Neptune is the Roman god of the sea, which is a fitting moniker for any dog that loves water.

Odysseus is the hero of the Greek novel The Odyssey (we mentioned his dog Argos earlier). Odysseus was known for his cunning ways and his ability to outsmart everyone on his 10-year voyage back home. Odysseus–maybe Odie for short–would work well for a too-smart-for-their-own-good dog.

Pluto is the Greek god of the underworld (which was originally Hades, but it evolved into Pluto). Plus, it’s an ode to the cartoon dog created by Walt Disney in 1930.

Styx is a river in the Greek underworld, the name of a 1980s hair band, and a hilarious dog pun.

Titan is actually a type of Greek mythological figure (including Zeus) but makes a dramatic and memorable name for a large dog.

Vulcan is the Roman god of fire, and nerdy dog name for Star Trek lovers as well.

Zeus is the Greek equivalent of Jupiter, and is the powerful king of the gods. Much like Titan, it would make a fitting name for a large breed dog.

Great Dane - Zeus


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