105+ Meaningful Hebrew Dog Names

The Hebrew language is among one of the oldest in the world. Its ongoing cultural and religious influence on the world makes it no surprise that there are thousands of Hebrew names in common use today, even in English-speaking countries.

If you are looking for a meaningful and beautiful name for your new dog, why choose a name that’s Hebrew in origin? You’ll likely be surprised by just how many of these names you recognize!

This post will cover over one hundred Hebrew names, along with their meaning. We’ve got names for both girl and boy dogs, as well as a few gender-neutral options.

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Tips for Picking a Great Dog Name

Your dog is wonderful no matter what you call them, but some names might be easier for them to understand than others. When picking a name, keep these tips in mind:

  • Names that are shorter (1-2 syllables) may be easier for your dog to understand. If you pick a longer name, make sure you can shorten it to an understandable nickname.
  • Likewise, names with hard consonant sounds will be easier for your pup.
  • Try not to pick a name that rhymes with key words that you’ll use, for example “Lait” is a great coffee-themed dog name (as in, “cafe au lait”). But, it might cause confusion for your dog because it is pronounced “lay”.

Also, make sure that you’re comfortable with your dog’s name too! If you don’t feel comfortable yelling your dog’s name out the back door, or in a park, it’s probably a sign to choose a different name instead.

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Hebrew Dog Names for Girl Dogs

There many Hebrew names for girls (and for girl dogs). Many of these names refer to Biblical characters, or are variants on older Hebrew words that speak to light, beauty, or their connection to God. Here are 57 Hebrew names for female dogs, not counting several variants and nicknames:

  1. Abigail, or maybe just Abby for short. Abigail is a Hebrew name meaning “my father is joyful” and is derived from “Avigail”.
  2. Adira is a Hebrew name meaning strong. It’s pronounced “ah-DEER-ah”.
  3. Aliza sounds similar to Eliza (which is another Hebrew name, later on our list). But it has a different origin, and means “joyful”.
  4. Alma is a Hebrew name meaning “young woman”.
  5. Alona means “oak tree” and would be a great name for a large breed dog.
  6. Anais shares a name with the American novelist Anais Nin. The name is a diminutive form of a Hebrew name meaning “grace”.
  7. Anna certainly is a popular name around the world and is a variant of the Hebrew name Hannah, which means “grace”, derived from the word “chanan”.
  8. Aria which is an Italian and Hebrew name meaning “air”, “song”, or “melody”. For other music names, check out this post.
  9. Ariel means “lion of God” and can be used for both boy and girl dogs.
  10. Aya which means “colorful” or “bird”, and has origins in Japanese, Hebrew, and Arabic.
  11. Much like Alona, the Hebrew and Turkish name Ayla means “oak tree” or “moonlight”.
  12. Bethany might be an unusual name for a dog, but this Hebrew name means “house of figs”.
  13. Betsy is derived from Elizabeth, which means “pledged to God”. Other forms include Eliza and Betty.
  14. Briella is a shortened version of the Hebrew name Gabriella, which means “God is my strength”. Other variants include Brie, Brielle, Gabby, and Gabi.
  15. Dara means “pearl of wisdom” or “gift” and while it’s originally a boy’s name, sounds more fitting for a girl because of the “a” ending.
  16. Delilah, from the Hebrew name meaning “delicate”. Another variant is Lilah.
  17. Dodi is a Hebrew name for “my beloved”.
  18. Eden is of course a reference to the garden of Eden.
  19. Edna means “rejuvenation” or “delight”.
  20. Eila is a name that is Hebrew (with a similar Norwegian variant, “Elina”) and means “bright”. Pronounced “eye-la”
  21. Eliana means “my God has answered”. This could be shortened to Elly for a dog.
  22. Another dog name that can be shortened to Elly is Eliora, which means “the Lord is my light”.
  23. Esther is a Hebrew name meaning “star” and a reference to Queen Esther in the Bible.
  24. Eva, Evie or Evita, which are all forms of Eve, which means “life”. Great for a dog that’s full of energy.
  25. Gala or Gal (as in Gal Gadot), meaning “wave”.
  26. Isabella or Isabel is a variant of Elizabeth which means “pledged to God”.
  27. Iva means “gift from God” (and isn’t that true of all dogs?)
  28. Janina is another Hebrew name meaning “gift from God”
  29. Joan is a name that means “God is gracious”.
  30. Kayla is a variant of a Hebrew name meaning “laurel” or “crown”. It can also be spelled Kaila or Kyla.
  31. Keziah is a unique Hebrew name that means “cassia tree”.
  32. Leah is a name that means “delicate”, maybe a fitting name for a petite Toy breed dog. Other variants include Lia.
  33. Leora is a diminutive form of Eleanor, which means “light”. For other names fitting light-colored dogs, check out this post.
  34. Liba means “heart” or “love”.
  35. Mara is a pretty sounding name that means “bitter”.
  36. Mariam is a Hebrew name meaning “drop of the sea”.
  37. Maya means “water” and would be great for a water-loving breed of dog.
  38. Meira means “giving light”.
  39. Naomi means “pleasantness” in a Hebrew context, and “beautiful” in a Japanese context. You could also use Nomi.
  40. Nissa is a name that means “to test” (perhaps a good option for a very, erm, willful dog?)
  41. Rae is a diminutive of the name Rachel, which means ewe.
  42. Raya is a happy sounding name that means “friend” in Hebrew.
  43. Reena or Rina are two Hebrew names that mean “joy”.
  44. Sadie or Zadie are diminutives of the Hebrew name Sarah, which means “princess”.
  45. Samantha is feminized form of the Hebrew name Samuel and means “told by God”. This name could be turned into Sammy for a more casual feel.
  46. Sapphire is a name that is Hebrew and Greek in origin and means (of course) “blue”. This also has a more modern feel to it because it’s a reference to the cartoon Steven Universe.
  47. Selah means “praise” or maybe “to pause (and reflect)”. Historians apparently aren’t quite sure, but it’s a lovely name either way.
  48. Seraphina or Seraphine means “burning one” and is a French twist on a Hebrew name.
  49. Shira means “song” in Hebrew.
  50. Shoshana is a Hebrew name that means “lily” or “rose”.
  51. Talia means “gentle dew from heaven”.
  52. Tamar means “plam tree”.
  53. Tsillah is a Hebrew name meaning “shadow” and would be lovely for a darker colored dog, or one that is always by your side.
  54. Uma might make you think of Uma Thurman, but this name also means “light”, “peace” or “nation” and is Hebrew in origin.
  55. Zara is a popular clothing brand, and a Hebrew and Arabic name meaning “blooming flower” or “God remembers”.
  56. Zaria means “sunrise” or “dawn”.
  57. Ziva means “life” in Hebrew and is also the name of a Slavic goddess of love.
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Hebrew Dog Names for Boy Dogs

Next up are names for male dogs, inspired by Hebrew names and male Biblical characters. These names largely focus on strength, watchfulness, blessings, and a connection with life and God. Here are over 42 Hebrew names and variants for boy dogs:

  1. Aaron might strike you more as a “human” name than dog name, but some people like giving their pups “people names”. In any case, Aaron means “strong” and “exalted”.
  2. Abbott is a Hebrew name meaning “father”.
  3. Abel, after the God’s favorite who was killed by his brother Cain. This name means “breath”.
  4. Abira means “strong” or “brave”.
  5. Achi means “my brother”.
  6. Adiel is a Hebrew name meaning “sent by God”
  7. Amit is a Biblical name that means “friend”.
  8. Ari is a short form of the name “Ariel” which means “lion of God”. This could work for boy or girl dogs.
  9. Asher means “happy” or “blessed”.
  10. Benjamin, which could be shortened to Benny or Beni, means “favorite son”.
  11. Caleb is a name that means “whole-hearted” and “brave”, making a great name for a great dog.
  12. Chaim means “life” or “alive”. Alternatives include Chayim.
  13. A similar sounding name is Chava which means grace, and is the origin of the name Hannah.
  14. Corban means “given by God and offered back to him”. You could also spell it Corbon.
  15. Cyrus is a Hebrew name meaning something like “lord” or “heir”.
  16. Davan is actually a female form of David but it still sounds masculine to most American ears. This name means “beloved one”.
  17. Eitan means “strong”.
  18. Eli is short for Elijah, which means “high” or “elevated”.
  19. Emmett is a Hebrew name that made its way into English via Old German, but means “truth” from the Hebrew “emmet”.
  20. Eran means “awakened”.
  21. Ezekiel means “God’s strength”. This name might be a bit long for a dog, so it could be shortened to Zeke.
  22. Ezra means “help” or “protect”.
  23. Gabriel means “God is my strength” and could be shortened to Gabe for a dog.
  24. Gideon means “great warrior”.
  25. Goliath would be a great name for a big dog, although the name itself means “exile”.
  26. Isaac comes from the Hebrew name Yitzhak and means “one who laughs”, a great name for a dog with a sunny disposition.
  27. Itai means “friendly”.
  28. Jesse is from the name Yisai and means “God’s gift”.
  29. Kalev is a possible variant of Caleb which means either “dog” or “whole heart” (two very closely related ideas!)
  30. Levi means “joined in harmony”.
  31. Mehir is a Biblical name meaning “reward”.
  32. Micah or Mikah are Hebrew names meaning “who is like God?”
  33. Moses is of course a well-known Biblical character that means “to pull out of water”.
  34. Another familiar Biblical name is Noah, which means “rest”.
  35. Omar means “eloquent”.
  36. Rishon means “the first”.
  37. Seth might be an unusual name for a dog but it means “appointed”.
  38. Shalom means “peace”.
  39. Simon means “listen” or “hear”.
  40. Solomon would be a great name for a wise dog, as the name means “man of peace”.
  41. Tobiah, Tobias, or Toby mean “God is good”.
  42. Uri is a Hebrew name meaning “my light” or “my flame”.
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Gender Neutral Hebrew Dog Names

Last but not least we have a short list of Hebrew names that could work for boy or girl dogs:

  1. Ira is a name meaning “watchful”–great for a protective dog.
  2. Ori means “my light”.
  3. Roni is a unisex Hebrew name that means “my joy” or “my song”.
  4. Shiloh is a name meaning “tranquil” and was made popular by Angelina Jolie’s daughter.
  5. Simcha is a name that means “gladness” or “joy”.
  6. Zion refers to the city of Jerusalem and also means “highest point”. It’s also the name of a National Park.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this post on Hebrew dog names! Check out or other name idea posts here, including names inspired by music, food, coffee, Greek mythology, and more.

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