12 Wooden Indoor Dog Houses Nearly As Beautiful As Your Pup

We’ve written before about matching your dog’s gear (like their dog bowls) to your aesthetic. It may seem over-the-top to some, but in our opinion, it makes sense.

If you’ve put a lot of time and money into thoughtfully designing your house, then buying well-made items for your pet means that your house still looks put-together. No cheaply made dog crates ruining the look of your painstakingly-chosen decor!

This article aims to share wooden dog houses that are suitable for inside your home. In other words, we’re talking about dog houses that are well-made, fit in to different design styles, and in some cases, even work as functional future (like an end table).

As such, the options shown in this article are all made of beautifully crafted wood, and not just a wood frame with metal crate sides. Each piece needs to be something that looks like you’d want it in your house. So, let’s get started!

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For a Mid-Century Modern Look: Totolun’s Wooden Dog Crate

Medium brown wooden dog crate with a small door

This first option is from Turkey (don’t worry, shipping to the US is free!) This design has beautiful cutouts that would work in a variety of home styles, including a mid-century modern or eclectic style. It’s certainly more unique than anything you’d find at a big box store!

The design comes in a variety of colors including the natural walnut color shown in the photo, plus, white, black, and gray. It also comes in five different sizes ranging from small to extra-large. You can also contact them for specialty sizes.

You’ll have to assemble it yourself but don’t worry, the reviews all say it was a piece of cake.

This dog house can double as a side table or piece of furniture, since the top is flat. It also has a door that closes all the way if you want to be able to keep your dog in the crate. Check out their other designs while you’re at it!

Buy from Totolun on Etsy, here.

For a Stylish, Rustic Look: Original Dog Furniture’s Dog Lounge

Wood and canvas indoor dog house with the name Charlie on it

This “indoor dog lounge” is so stylish! Your pup will feel like they’re on a glamping trip inside the house. This dog house is made from wood with a canvas top. You can have your dog’s name carved into the front, with the letters going vertically or horizontally.

It comes in 4 sizes from small (23″ w by 17″ d) to extra large (51″ w by 36″ d). There are four color options to choose from, including Teak, Rosewood, Violet and Ebony. You can also customize the color of the included dog pad.

Shipping costs $50 and you have to assemble it yourself, but the reviews are once again positive, saying that it was a breeze to put it together even without instructions. This one ships from Ukraine.

This one does not close all the way (although you could likely custom order a door for the other side).

Get it here from Etsy seller OriginalDogFurniture.

For a Modern, Scandinavian Look: Nice People Workshop’s Modern Crate

Modern-looking black and tan wooden dog house

This next dog house option looks like it would fit well in a modern, Scandinavian style home. It comes in black, white, dark gray, light gray, pink (!), natural, and custom colors.

Like the previous indoor dog house on this list, this one is also from Ukraine, but ships for free. The door is latchable so your dog can’t open it, if you need to crate your dog.

It also has large slits that let fresh air come through, and give your dog enough of a peek into their surroundings while still feeling protected. You’ll have to assemble this yourself but you get help from the seller. You can also customize the crate with your pup’s name.

This one comes in three sizes, small, medium, and large (contact the seller for custom sizing options).

Buy it from NicePeopleWorkshop here.

For a Modern Farmhouse Style: WLOWood’s Walnut & Ivory Crate

Wooden indoor dog house with the name "Lady" and a Golden Retriever inside

We’ve written about this dog house before (here)… walnut and ivory! Swoon-worthy.

We love that this listing has the four sizes with dog weight specified, including a size that accommodates dogs up to 149 lbs! So if you’ve got a very large breed dog, this is the one for you.

You can’t set anything on top of this one, given the sloped ceiling, but you probably wouldn’t want to, given how beautiful it looks. You can get your pup’s name added to the dog house, as well as a custom pad cover to go inside the house.

This one is made in the US and ships from North Carolina. They also offer an “A-frame” version here.

Buy from WLOWood on Etsy here.

A Multi-Functional Indoor Dog House: Frisco’s Credenza Crate

White and tan wooden dog crate and credenza with a Corgi inside

The other dog houses on this list were dog houses first, furniture second. This credenza from Chewy is the opposite: a large piece of furniture that also has space for your pet.

Since it’s designed as furniture, there aren’t options for different breed sizes. Instead, they provide a divider panel so you can reduce the amount of space your pup has (so they don’t pace around).

If need be, you can also open up the top lid for easier access or cleaning. Comes in three colors, dark brown, light brown, and gray, each with white trim.

Buy it here from Chewy.

A Playhouse For Your Pup: Panda Wood Art’s 2-Story Dog House

Wooden dog house with steps and a roof deck.

Yes, this one only works for small dogs. But, if you have a small dog, you kinda owe them a two-story dog house fort, right?

At roughly 23″ x 21″ x 17″, this will only fit toy breeds (and cats). It’s made of natural wood and left unpainted. Your dog can hang out on the roof deck and feel like the king of the world, or at least king of the living room.

Check out PandaWoodArt for more details.

Runner up as a low-cost play fort for your pup is this IKEA-style dog fort that would look right at home in a kid’s playroom.

For a Minimalist, Millennial Style: Fable Pet’s Crate

Light tan wooden dog crate with retractable door

Fable sells a lot of beautiful dog products, including leashes and bowls in beautiful muted tones. They also sell a wooden crate that fits in perfectly in this indoor dog house list.

The cutouts on the sides allow for plenty of airflow, and the gate can be closed, or stored against the ceiling of the crate, like a garage door.

It comes in sizes XS/S and M, accommodating dogs up to 50 lbs. You can also coordinate it with their dog beds. If you’re not sure whether your dog would fit, their website allows you to view pictures of different-sized dogs within the crate.

Get it here on Fable’s website.

A Jetson’s Style Dog House: eWOODCollection’s Kimolos

MCM dog house and side table with a terrier inside

When we say there’s a dog house for every aesthetic, we mean it. This side table works both as a design piece and as a lounge for your pup.

Since this is on the smaller side, it will only fit small and medium-breed dogs. It also comes with a pillow.

Note that this one doesn’t have a closable gate (but your dog is part of the scenery, so that’s fine!) It comes in gray and white, and requires assembly.

Get it here from eWOODCollection.

For a Retro Style: Kurr Pets’ Wooden Pet House

MCM wooden dog house with cushion

While our living room is sadly not a mid-century modern style (or any kind of modern, for that matter), that’s won’t stop us from window shopping. This wooden pet house from KurrPets is another great option for those of you with wonderfully curated living rooms.

This birch plywood dog house is sturdy and made with animal-friendly waxes and paints. It works as a side table, and as a pet lounge.

The front covering (shown here in a reddish-orange) is a woven textile that was chosen with dog fur removal in mind. If red isn’t your color, don’t worry, they’ve got over a dozen color options for you to choose from.

You can customize the wood finish color as well. Sorry, only for small and medium pups.

Get it here from Kurr Pets.

A Dog House That Fits Your Pup Like a Glove: Petguin’s Wooden Dog Bed

Wooden dog house with a fluffy white puppy inside

This next one from Petguin is a beautiful indoor wooden dog house that looks good, but also still looks like a dog house.

No, there’s no pointy Snoopy doghouse roof here. Instead, the entrance for your pup is in the shape of a dog’s face.

This is a one-size-fits-all product that fits small and medium dogs under 50 lbs. It’s made in the US (Illinois) and ships for free.

Get it here from Petguin on Etsy.

For a Dog That Wants to See What’s Going On: Nice People Workshop’s Modern Dog Crate

Wooden and acrylic indoor dog house with gray dog inside

All of the previous designs have had ventilation or wood cut-outs so that your dog can see and breathe easily. But what about pups that want to see what’s going on, even when they should be snoozing?

NicePeopleWorkshop has a second entry on our list with this sorta-modern, sorta-rustic indoor dog crate. It’s made of wood and acrylic, and is available in several different wood finishes, including clear, tobacco (pictured) and olive.

It comes in small, medium, and large, can be customized with your pet’s name, and ships for free from Ukraine.

Buy it here from NicePeopleWorkshop on Etsy.

For a House Where Everything Must Be Art: Original Dog Furniture‘s Modern Dog Bed

Wooden dog house against brick wall with artistic cutouts

Last but definitely not least is another entry from OriginalDogFurniture, who also make the second dog house in our list.

This wooden indoor dog house has artistic cutouts that allow for airflow while also looking (how else to say this?) really cool. It’s available in sizes small and medium.

The dog house has doors so your pup can be kept inside. Choose your color of wood finish and bed color. You can also check out their shop for coordinating bowls and other dog decor.

Get it here from OriginalDogFurniture.


Phew, you made it to the end? Which ones were your favorite? Will you be picking up some new digs for your pup? Let us know!

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