Is Lowes Dog-Friendly?

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Lowes doesn’t really need an introduction. They’re one of the biggest home improvement stores in the US with over 2000 locations, and 300,000+ employees. But enough about their corporate stats, what about their dog policy?

As it turns out, yes, you can bring your dog into Lowes (within the US), provided that they are well-behaved, under control, and that you take full responsibility for them.

In 2016, Lowes reversed its service-dogs-only policy to allow all well-behaved pets in stores within the US. Within Canada, only service animals are allowed. If you are visiting a store in the US, you may bring your dog with you, as long they are well-mannered.

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Does Lowes Allow Dogs?

Verdict: yes, Lowes is pet-friendly in the US!

Tracking this down was a bit odd. You’d expect a formal statement on the Lowes website. Instead, there’s a Lowes press release (on the official Lowes website) that describes the company as having “a longstanding open-door policy to pets”.

On top of that, there’s also a Facebook post where the official Lowes Facebook account has responded to comments saying that Lowes is now a pet-friendly store. Additionally, all dogs are the responsibility of their owner, and the owner must keep their pet under control.

Facebook post from Lowes stating that they have updated their pet policy to allow dogs in additional to service animals
Source: Facebook

Their entry doors say that they are “service animal and pet friendly”, and reiterate the rules we just discussed. All dogs must be well-behaved and leashed or harnessed. And you, the pet owner, are responsible for your pup and their actions.

Sign on Lowes door stating that Lowes is pet friendly
Source: Facebook

And there are also many posts on Reddit, Instagram, and BringFido from dog owners and store employees confirming that Lowes is largely dog-friendly.

In summary, as of 2016 Lowes now allows service animals and pets within its US stores. However, only service animals are allowed within its Canadian locations.

While Lowes has stated online that service animals and pets are welcome, it’s still common courtesy to check with your local store in case the store manager there has created an exception to this otherwise nationwide policy.

“A Longstanding Open-Door Policy to Pets”

While Lowes does not have an official policy giving the all-clear for your pup, they did start a partnership with pet supplies giant Petco.

In their press statement, they said:

“Lowe’s stores nationwide have had a longstanding open-door policy to pets”

This press release was fairly recent (January 2022) and is after the pandemic started, unlike Menards whose policy changed at the beginning of the pandemic.

Lowes Policy Reversal

In 2015, dogs were not allowed in Lowes unless they were service animals. This Facebook comment (source) shows the Lowes Home Improvement account saying that dogs weren’t allowed in:

Lowes Facebook post from 2015 (before they changed their policy) stating that no dogs are allowed
Lowes Pet Policy before 2016

However, sometime in 2016, the company reversed course. They then started answering comments on that same Facebook post stating that now the company is dog friendly:

Facebook post from Lowes stating that they have updated their pet policy to allow dogs in additional to service animals in the US.
Source: Facebook

They even went so far as to ask for feedback from customers whose local stores weren’t following the nationwide rule.

Starting from roughly September 2016, Lowes now a dog-friendly store in all of its US locations. Its Canadian stores are a different story: only service animals are allowed in Canadian Lowes Home Improvement stores.

Social Media and #DogsOfLowes

Did you know that there is a subreddit specifically for Lowes? As much as we love home renovation projects, the thought of joining a subreddit all about Lowes had never crossed our minds.

But we’re glad others are into it, because it provides a lot of data about Lowes stores around the country. Both employees and customers say their stores allow dogs, and they’re happy to see dogs come in:

Speaking of niche internet groups, there’s even a “Dogs of Lowes” Facebook group for you to post photos of your dog at Lowes stores. You can check them out here.

dog wearing a Lowes scarf, standing in a Lowes store
Source: Facebook

There’s also the #DogsOfLowes hashtag on Facebook and Instagram. If you do take your dog into a Lowes store, be sure to tag them!


Last but not least we also like to consult BringFido when we’re investigating whether our pup can tag along.

Unsurprisingly, there are multiple BringFido listings that say their Lowes store is dog-friendly.

Before Your Bring Your Dog Into Lowes

While bringing your pup with you on a home renovation adventure sounds like fun, here are a few things to consider first:

Calling ahead

Even though many Lowes stores are known to be dog-friendly, it’s still a good idea to call ahead. This is true whether it’s your first time at the store, or if you haven’t been there for a while. The store policies or management may have changed.

Even if the company is generally dog-friendly, there may be reasons why dogs aren’t allowed in a specific location (typically having to do with state or local regulations).

Leash training and obedience

Before considering bringing your dog to a Blick Art Materials store, your dog must be well-mannered! Much like a child, you want your dog to be well-behaved in public, which means no jumping on people or pricey merchandise, or making a mess in the aisle. Chances are you’ll be the one cleaning it up, and paying for broken products.

So make sure your pup is leash trained and knows some basic training such as “sit”. They should also be well-socialized around other dogs and people, as you may encounter other customer’s pets or service animals.


Much like bringing your dog to a dog park or kennel, you want to make sure you’re being a good citizen and not bringing or spreading common diseases or parasites. Make sure that your dog is up to date on all vaccines and preventative treatments for ticks, fleas, etc before taking them out in public.

Don’t be in a rush

If you are in a big hurry, it’s probably not a good time to be shopping with your dog. Much like kids, dogs can derail your plans or make messes. Or both. Don’t put yourself in a situation where you are already short on time, and then get fed up dealing with an accident or delay.

Use the lawn first

Before you go in, find some grass and let your dog relieve themselves. This goes hand-in hand with the previous point about not being in a rush. If you know your dog has already gone to the bathroom, you don’t have to be running around the store trying to check out before they make a mess. You don’t want to be like this dog! Yes, this is a photo from Lowes:

Dog poop on floor at a Lowes store
Source: Reddit

Be considerate

Not everyone is a fan of dogs. Some folks are allergic, and others may be afraid of dogs. Be sure to give other people plenty of space, while keeping your dog under control with a leash, carrier, or cart. If your dog is making a lot of noise or otherwise causing a scene, take them outside and calmly address the behavior. Don’t make other customers deal with your pet’s unruliness.

Lastly, don’t lie about whether your dog is a service animal or not. Service dogs are not subject to the same rules as pets, because they are crucial for the well-being and functioning of their owner. Be respectful to ADA guidelines and answer honestly if you are in a Lowes store that only allows service animals.

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