Is Tractor Supply Dog-Friendly?

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Tractor Supply is a great one-stop-shop for farm and home needs. But do they allow dogs within their store?

This article covers what you need to know about bringing your pup to TSC. The short answer is that yes, Tractor Supply is very dog friendly.

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Before Your Bring Your Dog Into Tractor Supply Store

Bringing your pup to TSC should be fun. To make sure it’s fun for everyone, here’s a few pointers:

  • Leash training and obedience: your dog should be well-mannered in public. This means no jumping on people or merchandise. So make sure your pup is leash trained and knows some basic training such as “sit” before you go.
  • Vaccinations: you can get your pup vaccinated at TSC, which we’ll discuss in a minute. But unless you are going to Tractor Supply to get a vaccine, your dog should already be up-to-date on shots and preventative treatments for ticks, fleas, etc. before going out in public. This keeps both your pup and others healthy.
  • Give yourself time: trying to be in a rush while your dog acclimates to an exciting new environment is a recipe for disaster. Make sure you give yourself some extra time to account for messes or extra sniffs.
  • Use the lawn first: in most stores, you’re responsible for cleaning up messes. So go outside first.
  • Be considerate: not everyone enjoys dogs, as weird as that might sound. Be sure to give other people (and dogs) plenty of space and keep your dog under control with a leash or carrier. Additionally, don’t lie about your dog being a service animal if they aren’t.
  • Consider calling ahead: while Tractor Supply Co is dog friendly, it can be nice to call ahead when going to a new location. Even if the company is generally dog-friendly, there may be reasons why dogs aren’t allowed in a specific location (typically having to do with state or local regulations).

Is Tractor Supply Company Dog-Friendly?

Yes, Tractor Supply Company is dog-friendly. All leashed and well-behaved dogs are allowed within the store.

Black lab standing at Tractor Supply checkout counter
Photo credit: BringFido

Tractor Supply has confirmed this on their Facebook page. In fact, they allow all animals in their store, as well as they are leashed and safe to be around. Click through to the Facebook comments to see photos of dogs, cats, horses, cows, and more!

Screenshot of a Tractor Supply Facebook post showing a man and his cow

You can find multiple Tractor Supply stores listed on, which lists information about dog-friendly companies. This site allows you to look up your specific location to learn about any special policies or nice-to-know information.

In addition to bringing your pup in for browsing, they also sell dog food and other items including kennels, fences, shoes, leashes, harness, and more.

Tractor Supply Dog Shots and Vet Services

Not only is Tractor Supply dog-friendly in terms of allowing dogs in their store, but they also offer vaccines, microchipping, and other veterinary services at many locations.

Tractor Supply has a partnership with PetVet clinics. If your local Tractor Supply Co store has a PetVet clinic, you can get:

  • Vaccinations for your pup
  • Fecal testing
  • Parasite testing and treatment
  • Microchipping
  • Nail trims
  • Other services and tests
Tractor Supply dog vaccines list

Click here for the full list. Note that not all stores offer these services. You’ll need to check your store online.

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