Is Ulta Dog-Friendly?

Ulta is a large beauty chain store in the US, with standalone retail stores as well as a Target partnership. They seem to add more beauty brands every single week.

For those beauty-minded dog owners out there, you might be wondering whether Ulta is pet-friendly. The short answer is that no, Ulta is not dog-friendly and only allows service animals within their store. For more information and for a dog-friendly alternative, keep reading.

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Does Ulta Allow Dogs?

Unfortunately, Ulta does not allow pets within their store. Of course, service animals are allowed, per the ADA.

Our answer comes from a Facebook response by the beauty brand:

Ulta Facebook comment about their dog policy

They do not appear to have an official pet policy on their website, but in many states, health regulations prevent pets from being allowed into salons. Many Ulta stores have a salon inside and would be subject to these rules.

Regardless, Ulta’s policy appears to be company-wide, rather than applying to specific locations.

As this Reddit post notes, Ulta used to have a reputation as a dog-friendly store. It’s unclear what changed but this is no longer the case. You may discover that some Ulta stores do tacitly allow dogs, as employees are hesitant to question whether a dog is a service animal or not.

Service Animals in Ulta Beauty

Some stores may not question a dog being brought in because the ADA makes it illegal to ask for documentation about a service animal, to inquire about a person’s disability, or to have the dog demonstrate a task.

However, employees can ask the following questions:

  1. Is the dog a service animal required because of a disability?
  2. What work or task has the dog been trained to perform?

Of course, it’s not okay to lie about your dog being a service animal. In the case Ulta, you will unfortunately need to leave your pup at home if they are not a trained service dog.

If you really want to bring your dog beauty shopping, Sephora is largely pet-friendly, even if they do not have an official policy. Call ahead to your local Sephora store or check to see whether your local Sephora store allows it, as an alternative to Ulta.

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