Puppy Name Generator Tool

If you are thinking of bringing a new dog home, or renaming a recently adopted dog, we’ve got you covered.

Our custom (and free!) puppy name generator tool has options for all dogs and breeds. You can sort by female, male, or gender-neutral names. It also allows you to pick pet names by theme, such as literary, pop culture, nature, and more!

We also have lists of dog name ideas for your pup if you have a specific theme in mind:

If you are thinking of changing your dog’s name, check out our post on “when and how to change a dog’s name“.

dog name generator tool

PuppyLists is written by Kat, who has owned, trained, volunteered with, and loved dogs for nearly three decades. When she isn't writing or researching, she's out adventuring with her 15 year old Lab mix.

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