Rock & Roll Dog Collars for the Coolest Pups

We recently wrote a post with 127 music-related dog name ideas, making it easy for you to name your pup after your favorite band, song, or musician. But why stop there, when there are a host of rock & roll dog collars paying homage to the great bands of our time? We scoured the web for the coolest rock and heavy metal dog collars to complete your pup’s look.

Side note: check out this post about whether dogs can hear and understand music.

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Led Zeppelin Dog Collars

Etsy seller Scruff Couture is up first with this handmade Led Zeppelin dog collar. It’s 1.5″ wide and is likely a better fit for larger dogs. Scruff Couture also offers Nirvana dog collars.

If you’ve got a smaller pup, don’t worry, Customals has you covered with this Led Zeppelin dog hoodie.

Misfits Dog Collars

If you’re more punk rock than classic rock, check out this Misfits martingale-style dog collar from Caninus Collars. They offer it in other color combinations as well.

Judas Priest Dog Collars

Up next is another iconic band collar made by Caninus Collars. This Judas Priest dog collar can be made in regular or martingale style.

Slayer Dog Collars

Speaking of the 80s… Caninus Collars makes another appearance on our list with a martingale-style Slayer dog collar. They provide many different width options from 5/8″ to 1.5″, so this collar can fit all dog sizes.

The Beatles Dog Collars

There’s certainly no shortage of Beatles dog collars on the internet, ranging through all the different artistic styles that the bands (and later, solo artists) had.

  1. Early Beatles dog collar from Etsy seller Elsiepup (with optional matching leash)
  2. Later Beatles dog collar from Elsiepup
  3. Yellow Submarine dog collar from Elsiepup
  4. John Lennon “Imagine” dog collar, also from Elsiepup

For a more subtle nod to the Beatles, check out this “Hey Jude” martingale collar from Etsy seller greytdingo.

Motorhead Dog Collars

If you’re a Motorhead fan, check out this martingale 1.5″ Motorhead collar from Caninus Collars. It comes in sizes up to XXL, and you can get a matching leash as well.

Elvis Dog Collars

Etsy seller Archie Life has all sorts of vintage and retro-style dog collars, including this 1″ Elvis dog collar.

Check out their shop for Guns ‘N’ Roses dog collars, Johnny Cash dog collars, Willie Nelson dog collars, as well as a ton of sitcom-themed options.

The Doors Dog Collars

Another entry on our list of stylish rock & roll dog collars is this The Doors-themed dog collar (again, by Etsy seller Elseipup).

The Grateful Dead Dog Collars

For some reason, there’s a ton of Grateful Dead-themed pet accessories out there (but we’re not complaining!) Here’s four of our favorites:

  1. The Grateful Dead dog collar from Etsy seller Gr8fulgoodsdotcom, made for large dogs.
  2. Dancing Dead Bears collar from One Ear Up Crafts, available in buckle and martingale styles.
  3. Matching Grateful Dead leash and collar set from The Button Girls.
  4. SYF Grateful Dead dog collar with seatbelt-style buckle.

Pink Floyd Dog Collars

Surprisingly, no “bark side of the moon” puns were found while searching for Pink Floyd collars. But we did find this stylishly subtle nod to the Dark Side of the Moon:

If you want something a bit more direct, check out this Pink Floyd dog collar from Etsy seller ElsiePup, who also offers a matching leash option:

David Bowie Dog Collars

What would a rock & roll list be without David Bowie?

Etsy seller Wylie Wags has this lovely handmade David Bowie dog collar that has triple-sewn stress points for safety.

Pantera Dog Gear

We only have one item to show for this category, which is too bad because there’s so much dog pun-potential in the name “Pantera”.

Dress your pup up in this “Pawtera” bandana with a cork (vegan) label from Etsy seller Facelicka. If you’re a fan of puns but not necessarily into Pantera, check out their shop for more amazing dog/band puns like “Bone Jovie” and “Iron Canine”.

Pearl Jam Dog Collars

Apparently, Pearl Jam released merch for dogs back in 2013 and it wasn’t particularly well-received, with some fans saying it was “one step closer to being KISS”.

In other words, there’s no dog gear for this section of this.

But we wanted to point out that a lot of bands create merchandise in response to what they think fans want (and not outright greed). Plus, a bunch of these other collars are handmade.

Rolling Stones Dog Collars

The Rolling Stones have a timeless logo that’s also thematically appropriate for the slobbery dogs out there. Etsy seller Elsiepup makes another appearance on our list with their Rolling Stones dog collar.

But Etsy’s offerings don’t stop there. You can even get a full harness and leash set, or custom Rolling Stones-themed dog tags.

AC/DC Dog Collars

Etsy seller Facelicka, who has appeared earlier on this list, offers an AC/DC dog collar:

Let’s finish this list out with a good pun: Muttley Crew Designs, who offers a number of great designs including this AD/DC dog bandana.

The Show Must Go On…

Which of the rock & roll dog collars were your favorite? Does your pup share your taste in music?

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