128 Flavorful Dog Names Inspired by Spices

Whether you’re a foodie or just a spice level fanatic, names of spices can make for a fun, food-themed dog name for your pup. Spice dog names are unique compared to popular dog names, but reference something that most people have familiarity with.

And, naming your dog after a spice can show off a bit of your personality too. Did you know that people who like spicy foods are more likely to be risk takers? We’ve also got some obscure spices on the list that hint at places you’ve traveled to (or would like to travel to), since each region of the globe has its own preferred cuisines.

This post will cover spice naming ideas for girl and boy dogs, plus a ton of spice-inspired dog names that would work for either gender. We hope you enjoy!

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Tips for Picking a Great Dog Name

Your dog is wonderful no matter what you call them, but some names might be easier for your pup to understand than others. When picking a name, keep these tips in mind:

  • Names that are shorter (1-2 syllables) may be easier for your dog to understand. If you pick a longer name, make sure you can shorten it to an understandable nickname.
  • Likewise, names with hard consonant sounds will be easier for your pup.
  • Try not to pick a name that rhymes with key words that you’ll use, for example “Lait” is a great coffee-themed dog name (as in, “cafe au lait”). But, it might cause confusion for your dog because it is pronounced “lay”.

Also, make sure that you’re comfortable with your dog’s name too! If you don’t feel comfortable yelling your dog’s name out the back door, or in a park, it’s probably a sign to choose a different name instead.

While these tips may be a bit difficult for some of the names in this post, many of these names can be shortened or have nicknames. For example, “Cardamom” could be “Cardi” for short.

A spicy chili dog
A spicy dog (get it?)

Spice Dog Names for Girl and Boy Dogs

We’ve taken some creative liberties with this list, including both literal spices, words that mean “spice”, and a variety of foods that you might like if you’re a fan of spicy stuff. Without further ado, here’s our list of 95 spice-themed dog names that would work for both boy and girl dogs.

  1. Adobo: a mix of spices used to marinade food
  2. Aioli: not spicy by default, but it could be. Plus it’s a cute name for a dog.
  3. Allium: the Latin name for garlic. Could be “Ally” for short.
  4. Anise: a spice from the Mediterranean that tastes kind of like licorice.
  5. Annatto: a peppery-sweet spice from the achiote tree that also adds color. Great for a reddish colored dog.
  6. Bailey: a play on “bay leaf”
  7. Barbecue: a silly food name for a dog.
  8. Barberry: a Persian berry-based spice that’s sweet and sour.
  9. Basil: a herb that can be spicy, and also sounds kind of fancy.
  10. Bean: spicy beans!
  11. Boldo: a South American plant that cures hangovers.
  12. Bolete: a mushroom derived spice.
  13. Borage: a European salad herb also known as “tailwort” or “starflower”, if you want a silly spice dog name that also sounds like a butler’s name.
  14. Bumbu: a blend of Indonesian spices.
  15. Burnet: from “salad burnet”, a cucumber-flavored space from the Mediterranean
  16. Burrito: we know, we’re taking some creative liberties with “spice inspired” dog names but who doesn’t love a spicy burrito?
  17. Calypso: a name for a blend of Caribbean spices.
  18. Caper: little edible flower buds you’d find alongside salmon.
  19. Capsaicin: the official name for what makes something spicy.
  20. Caraway: another name for meridian fennel, that tastes kind of like anise.
  21. Cardamom: the name of a spice used in baking and chai tea. This could be “Cardi” for short.
  22. Catnip: an ironically spicy name for a pup.
  23. Cayenne: a type of pepper and a cute dog name.
  24. Chai: a name for spiced tea.
  25. Charoli: a nutty, Indian spice.
  26. Chicory: a woody spice made from the chicory root.
  27. Chili: a solid spicy name.
  28. Chive: similar to an onion.
  29. Chorizo: a spicy sausage, and a great name for a fiesty Dachshund.
  30. Cicely: another name for myrrh, a sweet spice.
  31. Cilantro: some people say it tastes like soap, some people love it. Turns out it’s a genetic thing.
  32. Clove: cute-sounding but spicy.
  33. Coriander (Cory): a type of spice made from cilantro plants. Could be “Cory” for short.
  34. Creole: a cuisine known for its spicy food.
  35. Cumin: a spice that’s actually related to parsley.
  36. Curry: a family of Indian dishes known for their spice.
  37. Daikon: a spicy vegetable. We know, this is a bit of a stretch.
  38. Dijon: slightly spicy mustard.
  39. Dill: more of an herb than a spice, but a cute dog name nonetheless.
  40. Fajita: a type of food that can be made spicy.
  41. Fennel: a common herb used in spicy Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes.
  42. Garam Masala: a combination of Indian spices. This could be “Gary” or “Masala” for short.
  43. Garlic: a plant with a bit of a zip to it, and one of my favorite flavors.
  44. Gochujang: a spicy red chili paste sauce. Maybe “Gochu” for short?
  45. Guacamole: a cute name of a food that can be spicy.
  46. Habañero: a name of a pepper.
  47. Hickory: a deep, smokey wooded flavor.
  48. Horseradish: a condiment with some zippiness to it!
  49. Hyssop: an intense lavender and mint-like spice.
  50. Jakhya: sometimes called “dog mustard”!
  51. Jalapeño: a cute pepper name.
  52. Kaachri: one of India’s many diverse spices.
  53. Kaffir: a citrus-based spice from Thailand.
  54. Kebob: yet another food item on this list that is not a spice itself, but can be made spicy.
  55. Kimchi: spicy, fermented Korean food.
  56. Licorice: what a cute name for a pup!
  57. Mint: a zesty, fresh-tasting herb.
  58. Mustard: there are plenty of spicy mustard options out there for the mustard fanatic.
  59. Nacho: a cute food-inspired name that can be made spicy.
  60. Onion: okay, so onions aren’t that spicy but it’s a funny dog name.
  61. Pandan: the flavor of Pandan leaves is on the softer side, tasting like rose, almond, vanilla, and coconut. Could be “Panda” for short.
  62. Parsley: a common herb used to add mild flavor to a dish.
  63. Pep: for a pup with some pep in their step.
  64. Pepper: a straight-forward name for someone who loves spicy foods.
  65. Peppermint: spice, but make it fresh.
  66. Pimento: a type of pepper, and also a type of spiced cheese.
  67. Radish: for those who like spicy vegetables.
  68. Rooibos: a spicy tea.
  69. Sabola: the Egyptian word for pepper.
  70. Saffron: an expensive and exotic spice.
  71. Salsa: for saucy dogs.
  72. Serrano: a type of pepper.
  73. Sesame: not exactly spicy, but a cute flavor name nonetheless.
  74. Shishito: a type of Japanese pepper that mellows out a bit with heat.
  75. Shiso: a type of Japanese seasoning used in Yukari.
  76. Sichuan: a region of China known for its spicey food.
  77. Spice: no explanation needed!
  78. Sriracha: a popular spicy name.
  79. Sumac: a Middle Eastern spice related to the poisonous sumac bush (but safe to eat).
  80. Szechuan: another Chinese region known for spicy food.
  81. Tamarind: a unique, sour spice for a unique pup.
  82. Tang: a word to describe spicy flavors.
  83. Tarragon: a common French herb.
  84. Thyme: a savory herb.
  85. Turmeric: a yellow-colored spice that also helps your stomach.
  86. Tzatziki: a Greek sauce.
  87. Umami: the word for the savory “fifth” taste.
  88. Vindaloo: a type of Indian curry, and a fun name to say.
  89. Vinegar: we know, this isn’t a spice, but it’s a great flavor-based dog name.
  90. Wasabi: a spicy paste found in Japanese and other cuisines.
  91. Yarrow: a bitter wild herb from Quebec.
  92. Yerba: after Yerba mate, a spicy, earthy tea.
  93. Za’atar: a Middle Eastern spice blend that’s absolutely delicious. Definitely a unique spice name for a dog!
  94. Zest: a word describing spicy flavor.
  95. Zip: another word to describe spicy flavors.
A brindle and white dog licking its lips

Spice Dog Names for Female Dogs

While most of the names in this post can work for a dog of either gender, some names are better suited to girl dogs. Here are 20 spice-focused names for female pups:

  1. Ambrosia: a rich, peppery-sweet flavor.
  2. Angelica: part of the Latin name for wild celery spice.
  3. Artemisia: the Latin name for the genus of many of the spices on this list.
  4. Cassia: the name for Chinese cinnamon.
  5. Canella: like cinnamon.
  6. Cinnamon: a sweet spice for a sweet pup.
  7. Ginger: a tangy, distinctive flavor that’d be great for a ginger-haired dog.
  8. Harissa: a spice blend from North Africa.
  9. Juniper: a cute name by itself and the origin of the flavor of gin.
  10. Kala: from Kala Masala, a blend of Indian spices.
  11. Marjoram: a herb with pine and citrus notes.
  12. Mrs. Mustard: the name of a spicy mustard company.
  13. Nutmeg: a spicy, sweet flavor.
  14. Pennyroyal: a spicy herb similar to spearmint.
  15. Poppy: poppy seeds, and a great name for a cheerful pup.
  16. Pumpkin: as in, pumpkin spice. Psst, pumpkin is also great for dogs.
  17. Rosemary: the name of an herb.
  18. Sage: another savory herb.
  19. Sassafras: a cutesy-sounding name that is also a type of aromatic plant.
  20. Vanilla: we know, vanilla is the opposite of spicy for most people. But it is a complex flavor, and would be a great name for one of two dogs, where one dog gets a spicy name and the other one gets a mellow, sweet name.
A dog sniffing several potted herbs

Spice Dog Names for Male Dogs

Last but not least, here are 13 spicy dog names that are fit for a boy dog:

  1. Aji: a chili pepper from South America
  2. Ajwain: a bitter type of seed that is used to add spice to curry.
  3. Baharat: a blend of spices from the Middle East, and the name itself means “spices”.
  4. Berbere: a spice used in Ethiopian cooking. If you have not tried Ethiopian cuisine then you are missing out!
  5. Cajun: a cuisine known for its spiciness.
  6. Fireball: a brand of rum.
  7. Golpar: a spice used in Persian cooking, that sounds kind of like “gulper” (which is how my dog approaches dinnertime).
  8. Jimbu: a wild plant from the Himalayans that is similar to onions.
  9. Mace: did you know that mace comes from nutmeg?
  10. Mesquite: a description of deep, spicy flavor.
  11. Smokey: or Smoke, to describe roasting peppers.
  12. Sorrel: an ancient herb used by the Egyptians to add acidity, now used to spice drinks.
  13. Tom Yum: or just “Tom” for short, after the spicy Thai soup. But Tom Yum as a full name for a dog is pretty cute.


We hope you enjoyed this post. If you’re looking for more dog name ideas, check out our posts with food names, Swedish names, coffee names, Lord of the Ring names, Greek mythology names, preppy names, and more.

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