Sunflower Dog Accessories: Round Up

Did you know that South Dakota is one of the largest producers of sunflowers in the world? The same is true for Ukraine. Sunflowers remind me of the the end of summer and the beginning of fall.

Whatever your association with sunflowers is, we can all agree how beautiful they are. If you are a big fan of sunflowers, then this post is for you. We’ve rounded up a number of sunflower dog accessories including tags, leashes, dog beds, toys and even a dog dress!

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Collage showing 11 different sunflower themed dog accessories

#1: Blooming Buddies Sunflower Dog Toy

My dog has never been into plushy toys, but if she was, I’d get her one of these so we could play fetch and she could run across the yard with a flower in her mouth.

This toy is several fun toys in one: the center of the sunflower is a squeaky toy, the leaves are crinkly, the leaves are soft plush, and the stem is actually a rope wrapped in fabric. Buy it here from Macy’s.

#2: Vera Bradley Pet Bed in Sunflower Sky

This lovely bed from Vera Bradley is the perfect amout of sunflower print, with a neutral lining. This bed comes in two sizes, small/medium and large.

You can get here from Vera Bradley’s website. An extra-large size version of this bed is listed separately, here.

#3: Sunflower Dog Tag from GraveeLV

If you want to add some sunshine to your dog’s look in a more subtle way, you can get this metal sunflower dog tag from Etsy seller GraveeLV.

It comes in a variety of sizes (so you can size it up or down for your pup) and your choice of brass or stainless steel. Put your dog’s name on the front and contact info on the back!

Get it here from Etsy.

For more dog tag options, check out our post on unique dog tags.

#4: TONBO Sunflower Pillow Dog & Cat Bed

This bed is for dogs that are very small, since it’s only two feet in diameter. As such, it’s best for dogs under 15 lbs, such as Toy breeds. This bed is machine washable, and also suitable for cats. Get it here from Amazon.

#5: Sunflower Print Dog Harness from Peachy Paws Boutique

Next up is an adorable harness from Peachy Paws Boutique on Etsy. This sunflower print harness comes in 4 sizes from XS to L. You can also pick up a coordinating sunflower print leash and collar from the Etsy store. Get the sunflower harness here.

#6: Sunflower Glitter Dog Bowl from BDO Designs

These sunflower-covered dog bowls are a great way to add some sunflowers and glitter into your home. The bowls themselves are made with FDA-compliant sealant and are “hand-glittered”. You can optionally add on decals with your dog’s name, or labels like “food” and “water”. Get them here from BDO Designs.

For more dog bowl options, check out our post on ceramic dog bowls in different styles.

#7: Leather Sunflower Dog Tag from Arrowhead Leatherwork

This is another sunflower dog tag option, this time made of leather. The leather is tanned and double sealed to be resistant to water. Why make a dog tag out of leather? The answer is that it gives you a quiet dog tag–no more jingly.

You can customize the front side (which has a sunflower on it) with your dog’s name, and add contact information on the back. Get it here.

#8: Yellow Sunflower Dog Dress from Pretty Paws Apparel

While some dogs (including ours) wouldn’t stay in a dress for more than 30 seconds, some dogs (and owners) enjoy dressing up. This sunflower dress is super cute, with lots of ruffles and bows. Not to mention, it comes in various sizes. The Etsy store even does custom sizes at no extra charge!

The dress attaches with two velcro straps, one around the dog’s stomach and the other around their chest. Get it here from Pretty Paws Apparel.

#9: Sunflower Snuffle Mat

Snuffle mats are a way of feeding your dog that provides some challenge. If you have a very active breed of dog, you know that some dogs need more intellectual stimulation than others!

This snuffle mat is in the shape of a sunflower and allows your dog to sniff and ‘hunt’ for pieces of food within the sunflower “petals” and “seeds”. You can easily throw it in the wash when it gets too dirty. 18.9″ in diameter. Get it here from Amazon.

#10: Alfie Pet Sunflower Recovery Collar

No dog likes being in a cone after a medical procedure, but it’s necessary to prevent them from licking a wound that is still healing, or from re-injuring themselves.

But did you know that there are alternatives to the rigid, plastic cone you get at the vet’s office? Yep! You can get a fabric “cone” that serves the same purpose (preventing your dog from reaching their wound) without the harsh plastic feel. It also means they won’t run into things with their plastic cone, which can be pretty jarring.

This recovery collar is shaped ike a sunflower, giving your dog a cheerful appearance even if they don’t feel that way. But more importantly, it gives them a gentler recovery cone option (while still looking adorable!)

Get it here from Chewy.

#11: Sunflower Floral Dog Collar from Naughty Paws

Last but not least is this summery, sunflower print dog collar. This dog collar is made from cotton with industrial machine stitching and metal hardware. You can get the buckle in your choice of gold, silver, rose gold, and black.

Get it here from Naughty Paws on Etsy. They have other sunflower dog accessories as well on their storefront.

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