12 Trendy Terrazzo Dog Accessories You’ll Love

Did you know that terrazzo has been in use for over 500 years? No doubt it’s a timeless style, and it’s back on trend. This post covers a variety of terrazzo dog accessories, including terrazzo print beds, bowls, leashes, harnesses, dog treat jars, and more. We hope you enjoy!

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Terrazzo Dog Accessories

Collage showing 12 different terrazzo style dog accessories

#1: Orthopedic Terrazzo Dog Bed from Laylo Pets

Sometimes with trendy items, you have to sacrifice comfort for style. Not the case with this terrazzo print dog bed, which is both on-trend and orthopedic, meaning that your dog can snooze in style. It comes in four sizes and four different color options, and is handmade in Brooklyn. Bonus: it’s also designed to have an easily removable cover for easy dog bed washing.

Get it here from Etsy.

#2: Mint “Terrazzo” Duo Bowl from Jonathan Adler

Interior designer Jonathan Adler has a line of pet products, including a terrazzo-print dog bowl that’s as clever as it is stylish.

The mint green part of the bowl is actually a silicon sleeve that functions as a no-skid mat when left on the bottom. If you need to travel, take the sleeve off and put it on top of the bowl to cover leftover food or water. Dishwasher safe. Get it here on Amazon.

#3: Spring Terrazzo Martingale Dog Collar from K and M Collars

This collar is available in both a flat and Martingale style (no buckle). We love the bright retro colors and ability to customize hardware colors. And you can get a matching key fob!

Get it here from Etsy seller K and M Collars.

#4: Terrazzo Print Waste Bags from Top Paw

No one likes cleaning up dog poop but if you gotta do it, you might as well add some pizzazz. These dog poop bags from Top Paw come in a terrazzo print and are available at Petsmart.

#5: Terrazzo Adjustable Dog Harness from Vivid Canine

If you want a dog harness that fits the terrazzo trend while also being comfortable and durable, check out Vivid Canine. Their padded harnesses have three adjustment points so it will fit your dog comfortably. The material is neoprene so it’s easy to clean for mud-loving dogs. Get it here from Vivid Canine.

#6: Terrazzo Dog Harness from Harness the Fluff

Dog harnesses are a great way to include some print without it being too much, especially with strap-style harnesses. Harness the Fluff is a NYC-based company that uses brass hardware, reinforced stitching using marine sail thread, and product engineering meant to stand up to 1,000 pounds of pulling force. Get their terrazzo harness here.

#7: Rio Cat & Dog Treat Jar from Park Life Designs

If you’re a big fan of terrazzo print, you’ve probably already got a few terrazzo items in your kitchen. Which is why this dog treat jar makes perfect sense, as it’ll fit right in on your countertop.

It’s got a breathable bamboo lid that seals the jar and keeps 35 ounces’ worth of dog treats fresh inside. The container itself is eco-friendly ceramic and can be put in the dishwasher. Get it here from Chewy.

#8: Vintage Marble Terrazzo Pet Bed from Zazzle

Looking for a terrazzo print that will survive the outdoors? This outdoor dog bed is made with a water-resistant polyester fabric on top, and a water-resistant cotton bottom. It comes in two sizes and has a washable cover, so you can easily clean your pet’s bed if needed. Get it here from Zazzle.

#9: Collar Side Terrazzo Print Dog Bow Tie from Target

If you’re looking to dip your toe in the terrazzo trend without going all out, this next one is for you. Target brand Boots & Barkley offers a terrazzo print bowtie that attaches to your pup’s collar, for a pop of style. Get it here from Target.

#10: Terrazzo Dog Leash from Harness the Fluff

Harness the Fluff is on this list twice, although there is no shortage of cute terrazzo leash and harness options online! They use brass hardware, reinforced stitching using marine sail thread, and product engineering meant to stand up to 1,000 pounds of pulling force. Get their terrazzo print leash here.

#11: Terrazzo Dog Bowl from Mia Terrazzo

We’ve written a lot about dog bowls, particularly ceramic ones. Etsy is a source of all sorts of wonderful dog gear, including this terrazzo food bowl from Mia Terrazzo. These bowls are heavy so it will be harder for your pet to flip them. The food bowl uses a pet-friendly sealant (however, the seller does not recommend using it for water). Get it here from Etsy.

#12: Boho Chic Terrazzo Dog Tags from Cheeky Corner Gift Shop

Last but not least is a cute terrazzo print dog tag. These tags are available in a variety of colors and have space for your dog’s name and a contact phone number. Get it here from Etsy.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this round up of terrazzo-inspired dog gear! Which item was your favorite? Are you happy that terrazzo is back in style? Let us know!

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