The Top 13 Doberman Instagram Accounts

Dobermans are amazing animals. They’re just as well suited to being happy home companions as they are being police K-9 dogs! This comes down to their incredible loyalty towards their owners. They’re so popular that in 2020, they took the 18th position in the American Kennel Club popularity list.

Since Dobermans are such a well-loved breed, it’s no surprise that there are Instagram accounts made by and for Doberman lovers. Let’s have a look!

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How We Decided on the “Best” Dobermans

First things first: all these pups are good dogs. Every pet owner, of whatever breed, knows their dog is the best.

But, we had to rank these Internet-famous pups somehow. Ultimately, it came down to:

  • Creativity: not only are there some talented dogs out there, but owners as well! The following Doberman Instagram accounts have creative clothes, situations, and photography.
  • Interesting content: what’s life like with several Dobermans, dogs on a raw food diet, or a literal dog model? These accounts let you live vicariously.
  • Number of followers: bigger isn’t always better, but a lot of followers means they must be doing something right.
  • Regularity of posting: we get it, sometimes it’s difficult to stay consistent. But it’s fun to see dogs’ day-to-day lives, especially watching puppies grow up or learn new tricks.

The Best Doberman Instagram Accounts

Without further ado, here are our picks for the best Doberman accounts on Instagram!

Shogun the Doberman (@shogunthedoberman)

We kick off our list with Shogun, an active Doberman with nearly 32k followers.

That’s not surprising if we consider how handsome this pup is. If you check his Instagram long enough, you’ll even find him smiling in some pictures!

Boss and Boujee (@bossthedoberman)

Next, we have a couple of dogs who go by the names Boss and Boujee

These two pups live a happy life in British Columbia, Canada. They were born two years apart, but on the exact same day; May the 25th.

This couple loves snow and water more than anything else!

Onyx and Opal (@devilsdobermans)

From Arizona; we present you with two pups that are “clever as the devil & twice as pretty”!

Onyx and Opal were born two years apart, but that’s not stopping them from being inseparable, especially when it comes to food, as both of those goodies prefer to eat raw.

By the time of writing this article, they sit at 19.6k followers on Instagram. Give them a follow and help them hit 20k!

Kahula and Cava (@doberman.sisters)

We have another couple for you, the Doberman sisters; Kahula and Cava

These two girls love to wear anything around their necks or on their heads! That includes scarfs, necklaces, colorful collars, shirts, you name it!

Kahula and Cava live in Toronto, Canada, and were in a race with Onyx and Opal to see which one of them reaches 20k followers first (spoiler alert, Kahula and Cava won!)

They have 20.8K followers at the time of writing this article. 

Ruby, Prince, and Damon (@3hellhounds)

What’s better than a couple? That’s right, a triple!

These three “hellhounds” who live in Canada managed to rock over 65k followers on Instagram.

Damon is only one year old, but that doesn’t stop him from messing with the lives of his four and five-year-old siblings. The three of them spend their time in Quebec looking photogenic (and a little intimidating in some photos, if we’re being honest!)

Xena (@dobe_greek_godz)

Xena, the warrior princess has over 12k on Instagram, and for good reason.

In 2018, this long-legged princess kept pace with her mom’s car, going 30mph (and all caught on camera!) That’s a pretty fast pup.

If you check her Instagram, you’ll also notice how this sleek pup smiles in most of her photos.

Pepper the Dobie (@pepperthedobie)

Next in line, we have Pepper, the perfect name if you want your pup to come to you every time you ask someone to pass you the pepper! (Psst, more food-inspired dog names here).

Pepper has almost 29k followers on Instagram. This seven-year-old pup still thinks that she’s one year old. She’s sassy, funky, and she loves wearing clothes. What’s even cuter is that she loves hanging out with her (human) sisters.

Arkham and Kiva (@doberbutts.and.aligator)

This Instagram account, belongs to two beautiful Dobermans (and their Malinois brother). They’re from Toronto, Canada. And it seems they are dedicated to showing us every aspect of their city along with other topics like raw feeding and the ins and outs of a canine wardrobe.

They may have one of the lower follower count on our list at just above 12.6k. But the quality of their photos and the impressive scenery will make them skyrocket very soon. Take it from us, they’re worth it.

Murphy the Doberman (@murphy.the.dobermann)

Murphy is our next Doberman to step under the spotlight. Coming from the West Midlands in the UK, he managed to grab the interest of over 15k people. 

Murphy loves climbing mountains and exploring rocks. His owner is nothing short of a great photographer who makes every photo of Murphy shine right like a diamond! Check his account and see for yourself.

Duke the K9 Dobberman (@duke_k9)

We’re nearing the end of our list, which means it’s time to bring up the big boys. We have a police Doberman that goes by the name Duke.

The Duke works as a police drug sniffer. This pup is more than serious about bringing criminals to justice. This gave the Duke over 101k followers on Instagram. Not only that but his owner also competes with Duke in sporting events such as the canine biathlon.

The Doberman Rescue Crew (@amyeiler)

Aspen, Chaplin, Evelyn, and Brigham are four rescue Dobermans who took Instagram by storm under the name @amyeiler.

These New Orleans pups have 102k followers on Instagram and for good reason. The combination of these pups (including a rare white Doberman) is striking. Plus, they seem to be much better at holding still for photos than our dog!

The Dobie Team (@thedobieteam)

If four Dobermans seem like a handful, then this next account is going to blow your mind. The Dobie Team isn’t joking about the “team” part: they’ve got 5 (!!) dogs and a lot of puppies.

With the combined willpower of Boss, Kyra, Gaia, Zeus, and Arya these pups have racked up an impressive 184k followers on Instagram. 

Their owner, Leslie, is a dog breeder, shower, and trainer. Check out the video above to see her walking with all five dogs in a heel, and other videos for your daily dose of Doberman puppy cuteness.

Ruby (@rubydooby_do)

Ruby and her dad Charles have perfected the art of taking selfies. They make it look easy, but Ruby is a well-trained and beautiful Doberman, and Charles is a photographer and fitness guy (so they have a leg up on the rest of us).

The two of them share their selfies, training videos, and information about the true, wonderful nature of the Doberman breed on their Instagram account with 298k followers. Wow!

We Love Dogs!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list. Who was your favorite? Could you handle living with five Dobermans? Did we miss anyone? Let us know in the comments!

PuppyLists is written by Kat, who has owned, trained, volunteered with, and loved dogs for nearly three decades. When she isn't writing or researching, she's out adventuring with her 15 year old Lab mix.