The Top 25 Bernese Mountain Dog Instagram Accounts

No doubt that Bernese Mountain Dogs are easy to love. They’re happy, and loyal family pets with a wonderful breed history. And, of course, they’re absolutely gorgeous to look at.

If you’d like to look at more of them, why not follow some on Instagram? This post covers our take on the best (and most popular) Bernese Mountain Dogs living their lives and becoming Instagram-famous.

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How We Decided on the “Best” Berners

First things first: all these dogs are good dogs. Every pet owner (including those who own Bernese Mountain Dogs) knows their dog is the best.

But, we had to rank these Internet-famous pups somehow. Ultimately, it came down to:

  • Creativity: not only are there some talented dogs out there, but owners as well! The following Bernese Mountain Dog Instagram accounts have creative costumes, situations, and photography.
  • Interesting content: not sure you want to live with half a dozen different Berners? Or run your own Bernese kennel? Why not live vicariously through others’ accounts?
  • Number of followers: bigger isn’t always better, but a lot of followers means they must be doing something right.
  • Regularity of posting: we get it, sometimes it’s difficult to stay consistent. But it’s fun to see dogs’ day-to-day lives, especially as they’re puppies growing up. So regular content is a big plus in our book.

The Best Bernese Mountain Dog Instagram Accounts

Without further ado, here are our picks for the best Bernese Mountain Dog accounts on Instagram!

@bernesemtnmoose (7.1k followers)

Moose is a happy, 4-month old puppy who lives in Dallas, TX. This cutie pie posts almost every day, so you can watch him grow up. Moose is living the millennial dream with designer bandanas and trips to Starbucks.

@swizzy_bears (40.4k followers)

@Swizzy_bears is the Instagram account of a dog groomer in Belgium who owns (and grooms!) EIGHT Berners.
You can follow her and her many pups as they go for walks, hang out, and look gorgeous.
Check out her website as well at

@berneseofpnw (23.5k followers)

IG account @berneseofpnw shows a lot of fun and beers with their Bernese Mountain Dogs, Bär and Huckleberry. Check them swimming, hiking, and hanging out at dog-friendly bars. They also host a monthly meetup for Berner parents, if you’re in the area.

@franzi.reusch (28.3k followers)

@franzi.reusch is a talented photographer and dog mom to Mila, an elegant and adventurous Berner. If you love BMDs and beautiful backdrops, you’ll love Franzi’s carefully curated Instagram feed.

@nicole_gubitta (7.3k followers)

Nicole’s (@nicole_gubitta) feed isn’t all Bernese Mountain Dogs, although her two pups Baloo and Ariel dominate most of her Instagram feed. We don’t think you’ll complain though: Nicole and her dogs live in Italy, so her account is 75% beautiful dogs, 25% beautiful Italian home and cooking posts.

@murphmonster_bmd (20.6k followers)

Murph is a big “BOOFhead” pup who looks happy no matter where he’s at. It probably doesn’t hurt that he lives in Melbourne, and has an adorable baby sister. Scrolling through Murph’s feed will highly what good family dogs Berners are.

@theberner_bears (2.5k followers)

Bosco, Olaf, and Scout, AKA @theberner_bears are a trio of three Bernese Mountain Dogs (one 10-year old, one 1-year old, and one brand new puppy) living in Ottawa, Canada. Not only will you see this happy family of pups, but their dog friends as well.

@worldofberners (85.4k followers)

@worldofberners is an Bernese Mountain Dog aggregator page, sharing BMD photos and videos from all different accounts. Plus, they share their own dogs! They’ve been on Instagram sharing the Berner love since 2015.

@relentlessranch (13k followers)

@relentlessranch is the Instagram account of a Bernese Mountain Dog breeder based out of Aspen, Colorado. They’re a great account to follow if you’re looking to get your own puppy, or if you just want to see pups having the time of their life in the snow. While you’re at it, check out their Youtube channel.

@bernesemontahes (50.8k followers)

Another breeder on this list, this time out of Brazil. While BMDs are originally Swiss dogs and love cold weather, you can find them in many countries, including Brazil. Head over to @bernesemontahes for your fill of adorable Bernese Mountain Dog puppies.

@bernesemountaindoglovers (180k followers)

@bernesemountaindoglovers is both the fan account of Lilly, a beautiful Berner who has sadly crossed the rainbow bridge, and Bernese Mountain Dogs from all across Instagram. You can definitely feel how much love that the account owner Beth has for this beautiful breed!

@albert.olly.bernese (34.2k followers)

This next account is from across the pond in Kent, UK. In addition to cataloging the daily adventures of Albert and Olly on Instagram, they also have a Youtube channel. This account is equal parts happy photos at home and at the beach.

@bernesemountaindogarya (27.6k followers)

@bernesemountaindogarya represents a unique trio of dogs: two Bernese Mountain Dogs and a Northern Inuit dog. They live in the SF area but do lots of hiking too, all the while taking lots of beautiful Berner photos.

@summitatthesummit (19.4k followers)

@summitatthesummit is the account for you to follow if you love Berners and love the outdoors. Summie and Sager, two adorable and active pups, are the star of this account with mountain climbing, road trips, National Parks, and more. You’ll definitely feel inspired to get out in nature.

@evie.the.berner (16.9k followers)

Evie lives in beautiful Nova Scotia, so if you want to see a winter wonderland, fall colors, and trips to the beach all staring your favorite dog breed, this is the account for you!

@brandyandmoose (91.1k followers)

@brandyandmoose are two pups (a Berner and a mixed breed rescue) who live and play together in Boston. Follow their account to see dog birthday parties, play dates, and just a couple of pups living their best life.

@swisskissberner (25.6k followers)

While several of these accounts feature Bernese Mountain Dogs living together, this might be the only dad and daughter pair! Berners Eiger and Eminem live in the PNW, where they get a lot of outdoor time in. Follow them at @swisskissberner.

@princessbellebear (8.6k followers)

Belle is a BMD living in Philly, going to parks, sports events, birthday parties, and goofing off around the house. She’s definitely got the puppy dog eyes on lock. And she loves yogurt!

@carlthemountaindog (8.2k followers)

Carl and his Newfie brother Steve live in Zurich, Switzerland. You can expect beautiful vistas from this account, plus goofy shots of Carl and Steve playing together.

@teusbernersennen (8.2k followers)

Another European pup on this list is Teus, who lives in the Netherlands. Teus goes on lots of walks, takes lots of naps, and generally shows off why this breed is so loved (it’s mix of happy, goofy positivity).

@mousse.tracks (12k followers)

Mousse is another “adventure puppin'” dog living in the SF bay area. Follow this account for lots of cute outfits, trips to the beach, and warm fuzzy feelings.

@itskevintheberner (62.3k followers)

Last but not least is Kevin the Berner! Kevin lives in the PNW and spends quite a bit of time taking dramatic and/or goofy outdoor photos. But he’s also a “virtual therapy dog”, cheering people up over the internet during covid. So head over to his account and get smiling!

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How to Start an Instagram Account for your Berner

If you’ve got your own Bernese Mountain Dog that you want to share with the world, why not start an instagram account for it?

Here are some tips on getting an account going, and gaining followers:

  • Include a profile photo of your pup, so that people browsing through profiles can see your Berner at a glance.
  • Include “Bernese” or “Berner” in your profile bio and/or username.
  • Post regularly! As with other social media and online accounts, consistency is key. You can use a scheduler app like Hootsuite to automate the process.
  • Follow other Bernese Mountain Dog accounts, so that your account is associated with that cluster of accounts.
  • Follow what Instagram wants: at the time of this blog post, it’s their new (Tiktok-like) feature called “Reels“.
  • Use popular hashtags in your niche (in this case, Bernese Mountain Dogs) but not too popular. You want to use a hashtag that is popular enough to be searched for, but not so popular that you’re competing against millions and millions of other posts. Use a tool like or Best-Hashtags to find ideas.
Bernese mountain dog hashtags
  • Submit your dog’s best posts to aggregator accounts to gain more followers. By aggregator account, we mean accounts that find and share photos of Berners from across Instagram. These include accounts like @bernesemountaindog_sk (7.5k followers), @bernesedogclub (59.4k followers), and @bernesemountaindog.addict (52.8k followers).

About the Breed

Bernese Mountain dogs, sometimes called “Berners” for short, are part of the AKC’s working group.

This is because of the breed’s history in the Swiss Alps. Did you know that these dogs are originally descended from Roman Mastiffs?

Berners come from the canton (or province) of Bern in Switzerland. Here, they were used as alpine herding dogs, and even as draft animals to pull dairy carts! Because of this, they were sometimes known as “cheese dogs”.

Bernese Mountain Dog resting and looking off-camera

In 2020, Bernese Mountain Dogs were the 22nd most popular dog breed in the US. How’d they get here? It’s not entirely clear but at some point around the 1900s, Berners made their first appearance in the US. In 1937, the AKC made them an official breed.

They aren’t just popular in the US. They’re still popular in Europe as well, where they are the 11th most popular dog breed in Germany.

They’re having a bit of a moment, as Irish President Higgins owns Bernese Mountain Dogs (his latest is named Misneach). More importantly, he brings his Berners with him to official political events.

As for their temperament? These dogs are absolutely lovely family dogs: loyal, happy and inquisitive. They shed like crazy (which makes sense, they’re bred for cold climates). But, one look at their lovely tricolor faces, and you’ll forgive them.

These pups weigh between 70 and 115 lbs, are a little over two feet tall at the shoulder, and live between 7-10 years. They get along with kids, family, other dogs, strangers, you name it.


Did we miss any of your favorite Bernese Mountain Dog accounts? Who are your favorites? Let us know in the comments!

PuppyLists is written by Kat, who has owned, trained, volunteered with, and loved dogs for nearly three decades. When she isn't writing or researching, she's out adventuring with her 15 year old Lab mix.